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Choosing Cabinets for Your One-Wall Kitchen? Here are 3 Essential Tips for You

Choosing the right Wall Kitchen Cabinets- Have you recently purchased a studio apartment? If yes, then I would like to congratulate you for your achievement and I’m glad that you have finally spend your hard earned money on something that’s definitely one of the most precious assets any person can own. But before you move into your new home, I’m sure you will design it and make it look “home-like”, isn’t it? No? Then you need to start planning right away! And yes, while planning the design, do not exclude the kitchen area from the list. I’m sure you wouldn’t do that but still, the reason why I’m telling this to you is because most of my clients don’t really bother to deck up their kitchen. And as a result, the overall look of the house simply shrinks and the value decreases. So, never forget the “heart of the house” while decking up your studio apartment.

If you are thinking that designing a kitchen in your studio apartment is going to be a cakewalk, then you are seriously mistaken. Since these apartments are compact, you have to utilize the space really wisely. So, do you have any idea about designing an organized kitchen in your studio apartment? No? Then let me help you out.

Whenever I receive a studio apartment designing project, I always go for the ‘one-wall’ kitchen layout originally called as the “Pullman kitchen“. I choose this kitchen layout because it’s the ultimate space saver. But before you start creating a ‘one-wall’ kitchen layout in your studio apartment, you must know about that one element that plays a vital role in making or breaking the appeal of these kinds of kitchens; and that element is none other than the kitchen cabinets. So, be very choosy when you are purchasing cabinets for your studio apartment’s one-wall kitchen.

A Guide to Choose the Perfect Cabinets for Your One-Wall Kitchen

  1. First, Measure the Size of the Wall

Before you purchase cabinets for the one-wall kitchen at your studio apartment, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is take the measurement of the wall where you want to install it. The reason why I’m suggesting you to do this is so that you can purchase cabinets that will perfectly fit on the wall that you have chosen to install cabinets.

Why just a one-wall kitchen? You must follow this while purchasing assembled or RTA cabinets for L-shaped, Galley, Horseshoe, Peninsula or any other kitchen layout as well.

  1. Choose White Colored Cabinets

Whether you agree with me or not, but colors can actually trick your eyes. It can make a gigantic kitchen look small, and a tiny one-wall kitchen look spacious. Therefore, since I have already said that cabinets are the hero of a one-wall or “Pullman kitchen”, it will be wise if you choose cabinets tinted with a color that’ll make the space look wider, such as white.

Can’t believe that white cabinets can make a kitchen look wider? Well then, you can have a word with any interior designer or go through a couple of home improvement magazines that focus on kitchen decoration or designing.

Additional Suggestion: When you’ll visit a store to purchase cabinets, you’ll come across a wide variety of cabinets each painted in different variants of white colors such as mystic, vintage, and polar white. And among these three variants of white cabinets, I would definitely suggest you purchase the ones painted in polar white color. And if you don’t find polar white RTA cabinets in your nearest store, then customize one from a reputed shop.

  1. The Cabinet Doors Must be Made of Glass

Lastly, make sure you purchase cabinets that have glass doors. Why? Well, it’s because according to several eminent designers as well as me, a glass door usually pulls your eye past the cabinets’ frames, into the depth of the cabinets, thereby making the walls seem farther away. And as a result, the kitchen space of your studio apartment won’t seem to be too tiny. So, I would definitely suggest you to choose glass door cabinets.

Additional Suggestion: To add up the style quotient of your one-wall studio apartment kitchen, you can also purchase cabinets having mirror doors. However, if you feel that such cabinets are going to make a gigantic hole in your pocket, then all you can do is purchase simple white shaker cabinets and then, fix mirrors on the doors.

Now, hopefully, you’ll be able to purchase the right cabinets for your one-wall studio apartment kitchen, right? For more such blogs, keep following me.

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