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How to Prepare for Class 12th Board Exams in 1 Month | Preparation Tips

Get here 1 Month 12th Class Board Exams Study Plan. There is just a month left for the first major examination of Class 12th Boards. It needs some simple measures to take care of. And the best part is, You can easily score a 90+ even with just one month of preparation. Even if you are JEE Aspirant then too you need to take the boards seriously. Because of the board exam is so hard. So, focus continue on your study and plans. If you have any plan for your study the don’t worry we provide you with you a plan for your study. You can make a preparation plan according to your time. And you can make better preparation for board exams. let’s know how to prepare for class 12th Board exam in 1 month?

12th Board Exam Preparation- 1 Month Exam Schedule:

Students you know very well, time is so important in our life. So, first manage your time. Think about it, how you can prepare for Class 12th Boards in a minimize time. Then, first stop wasting your time. Make a simple schedule for study. Make a Time Table for study according to your preference. And focus only on the study and hard preparation, because you have only one month for preparation. hence, make a schedule on your own from your sleeping time to study time. So first make a simple schedule.

Make a Time Table, divide hours to prepare the syllabus, subject wise. Practice more and more Sample paper for 12th Board Examination 2018. Manage Time for your practice and Revision. And study hard every day. Keep important topics, syllabus book, notebooks etc things for study aside. Read one by one and practice model papers. Hence, you can save time by practising Model Papers. Read old year exams papers also.

Last minute Tips for 12th Board Exam Preparation:

Board Examinations are the crucial part of every student’s life. Thus 12th Board Exam has maximum weight as it is a stepping stone for higher studies. Better the Percentage better will be the opportunities. Today, most of the Universities/ colleges have criteria for Admission Procedure. Percentage less than 80 is considered to be as low. Practically you can say, we are in an era of cutthroat competition. the fine example is Delhi University admissions 2018. 99% cut off nearly in every course admission is seen every year. This year it is expected that CBSE and many other examination Boards will raise their standards and set a benchmark for the difficulty level of 12th Board Exam paper 2018. check out last Minute tips:

  • Revise those topics which you have already worked on. No need to learn new topics in last minute of examination. It will confuse your mind.
  • Ask questions to yourself. Then answer it! it will boost your confidence for Board examination 2018 Paper.
  • Practice Sample Paper by keeping the watch alongside. Set an alarm for 3 hours. So that you can keep a check on your writing speed.
  • Develop Time Management skills. Set a particular time for answering a question in the Examination. It will gradually help you to finish your paper on time.

What you should and Shouldn’t Do:

Students have a habit of not sleeping properly, especially the night before the exams. Instead of this sleep early every night, get up early in the morning, and have a proper breakfast and then study. A healthy routine is must for every Board Examination student. Though, students have a dilemma that more they study the better will be the Board Results. But, according to experts study in intervals. Give yourself a break of 7 mins in between of every topic revised.

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