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Top 5 Resources for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Preparation

CompTIA certifications are in great demand in all the small and big IT industries around the globe. HR managers prefer the applicants who are not limited only by experience and understanding of the topic, but at the same time have the credential in the relevant field. All CompTIA certificates that are listed in the Exam-Labs are acknowledged globally and are regarded as a part of the industry standards.

CompTIA A+ certification is the most well-known of all hardware certificates. If you are serious about working with mobile devices, laptops, PCs, operating systems, or printers, this credential is ideal for you. The A+ covers PC software and hardware, security and networking in its general technical field.

To obtain the CompTIA A+ certification, an individual has to pass two exams:

  1. 220-901 – The certification examination centers on hardware, connectivity, networking, troubleshooting, and mobile devices.
  2. 220-902 – The certification examination covers one’s knowledge of configuring and installing operating systems, such as OS X, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as expertise in operational procedures, cloud computing, and security.

These CompTIA exams consist of 90 questions (performance-based, multiple-choice questions, drag drops), and last 90 minutes.

Top 5 Resources for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Preparation

Tips to Make Your Exam Preparation Process Effective

  • Study the Exam Objectives

Visit the official CompTIA website to find all necessary information related to the exams (number of questions, time limit, passing score, exam objectives, etc.)

  • Have Full Understanding of the Theory

There are two important points to put into consideration:

  • Ensure that you download the exercises for every course.
  • Make sure you add supplemental resources to each of your modules.
  • Ensure You Master All the Skills

Having understood the theoretical aspect of the computer hardware and software support, you also need to truly carry out these tasks. At this junction, it is advisable to build a hands-on networking lab where you can practice the procedures related to software.

  • Use Examdumps or Training Courses

It is highly recommended that you invest greatly on the exam simulation prior actual certification examinations. Look for the braindumps that are truly exam questions extracted from the testing centers to practice.

Top 5 Best Online Resources

As you are preparing yourself for your CompTIA examinations, it is always very nice to have as many resources as you can for your dynamic self-preparation. One of the best ways to appraise yourself is to take your time properly and pass practice tests. By so doing, you will have the best idea of how the questions will look like in the actual examination, and it will give you the confidence to answer them with ease.

Since most online course providers have added free practice tests in their courses, there are still some cases where they are not available. Below are the top five resources that you can visit for your exam preparation.

1. CertBlaster

CertBlaster provides practice tests written by professionals in their various fields who have gotten the knowledge and skills that are tested in the CompTIA certification exams. Everyone that contributes to CertBlaster has succeeded in the exams related to the practice tests which they contributed. Ensure that the information in the practice tests are greatly related and well updated. With CertBlaster, you will be able to practice any test related to CompTIA 220-901 & 220-902 tests. Remember that these practice tests are not free but truly worth its price in making sure that one is fully ready for the exam. Also, there is an option to watch the video samples of the practice tests prior the purchase.

2. PC Technician

By making PC Technician your resource in preparing for your CompTIA exams, you will have the opportunity to access free resource that covers topics on PC architecture, IT customer service, Motherboards CPUs and RAM, computer networks, disk drive storage, printers and printing, operating systems, backup technology, basic electrical and electronics, PSU (Power supply units), VDU (Display devices), and PC maintenance. Also, you have the option to take a practice test that will cover everything on those topics mentioned above. As soon as you complete it, you will be given each question to answer, options of answer, and the right solution to the questions.

3. Prepaway.com

A visit to CompTIA Marketplace will give you the paid version of Comptia A+ Certification Practice test that comprises of the tests, flash cards, and quizzes so as to prepare fully for your 220-901 & 220-902 examinations. Besides, you will be able to practice tests online within 30 days, or better still download the test in addition to an incentive online option at reasonable price. There is an availability of practice tests related to other CompTIA certification exams as well.

4. ExamCompass

ExamCompass is another free resource that offers the option of taking 20 different CompTIA practice tests in each of the available papers, including CompTIA 220-901 & 220-902 exams. Besides, you will be able to take quizzes filtered by the exam topic for these certification tests. Some of the topics include RAM, Network Port Numbers, printers, connectors & cabling, display devices, CPU and storage devices & Media.

5. CrucialExams

CruciaExams will offer you a great advantage to sit for free practice tests, as well as give you access to the flash cards, exercises, and simulations. Also, you will have the choice of taking the “Study Mode test”. This includes all the questions for your certification exam in just a practice test. The flash cards, exercises, and simulations are divided into various topics based on the exam you want to pass. After completing the test, you will be scored according to your performance in addition to a review of each of the questions attempted. This includes the full explanation that backs each answer up.

Therefore, you have nothing to fear, as long as you are putting relevant and necessary study guide, training tools, and top resources in place. Within a short period of time, your dream will come true, and you earn your CompTIA A+ certification, but you should seriously take the exam preparation.

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