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How to Plan 2 Days trip to Gwalior?

Planning 2 Days trip to Gwalior- Gwalior is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and one of the counter-magnet cities of India. It is the popular and famous city for its dominant and dramatic hilltop fort and is well-known for its magnificent Gwalior fort popularly known as “Gibraltar of India”. It is considered as a historically rich and one of the most popular cities of India.

2 days trip to gwalior

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2 Days Trip to Gwalior:

If you are planning a 2 day trip to a historically renowned city which describes the major pearl roles of the fortress in Indian history for more than 2 centuries then one must plan for at least 2 days trip to Gwalior since it makes an en-route to some of the better -known destinations in this part of India.

Trip to Gwalior- Day 1: 

One can travel by road or by air, on arrival, check-in at the hotel in the morning,  and take up a hotel of a choice in the morning, since Gwalior is a place which is populated with number of iterations, hence the city offers you a blend of history, culture and tradition, and popularly known as best city for a tourist visit with a charm of ancient history.

After refreshing up at the hotel, one can explore Gwalior, and have a refreshing overlook towards massive Gwalior forts and enchanting palaces. From history to culture, tradition to nightlife, this city bursts with attractions, and plenty of things to do that can render your itinerary a busy one. Modernity and history nestle here all together and hence this city is on the bucket list of almost all the travellers.

2 days trip to gwalior

It is a sheer destination with almost all the famous destination which talks about the relevance of history.

The very first destination which one should visit Jai Vilas Palace was built in the style of ‘ Palais de Versailles’ in France, which is now being transformed into a museum and indicates a perfect blend of ancient architecture and modernism. It is a well- kept place highlighting different aspects of Scindia family. The highlights of this place are the royal banquet and dining hall, it is a must place which should be visited in winters or in Sept/Oct if one is visiting Gwalior. The place closes by 6:30 pm in the eve and lockers are available at the entrance to keep your baggage and minimal charges are applicable for every additional electronic gadget. After visiting this great museum, one should take a backward revert over the Gwalior Fort which is almost 5 km from the Museum. It is a pearl of all Indian hill forts and sculptures and engravings are of the 8th century, and consists of two palaces, i.e., Gujari Mahal and Man Mandir.

Many significant places which one can adhere itself in the Gwalior fort are Teli ka Mandir (most famous engravings of the Mughals), the Saas -Bahu (two -pillared) temples which stand next to each other, one larger than the other, and has a number of hidden stories among the architecture as designed. The other wanderings are Karan palace, Jahangir Mahal, Shah Jahan Mahal, Gujri Mahal which stores a number of Mughals engravings which depicts the exotic art and architecture of the ancient period.

It may take more than 1 hour to wander this great historic fort and embrace its real beauty. After this, one can adhere to Assi Khambha Ki Baori which consists of 80 pillars is one of the best attractions in Jaipur, which is situated near to Gwalior fort and was built as a bathing area of Queens. The beauty of this place is its peace and tranquillity which is forbidden in the walls of this great masterpiece, which droves you to spend at least one night stay in the arms of this place and enjoy the silence all over.

After having a great visit at the ancient monument, one can have a look at the ancient statues situated at Gopachal Parvat  around the part of Gwalior Fort and is an abode of collection of many Jain statues of Digambara Tirthankaras, it also consists of a mountain statue which is said to be there to spread message of love and equality.

After having a blissful visit over the ancient architecture, one should give a break and visit silver saloon which is one of the best restaurants which treats you with best Rrajwadi thali and provides you with the best cuisine, where one can have a perfect blend of art and music and enjoy their 2 days trip to Gwalior with the best appetite and peaceful mind.

After a perfect hospitality, one should again start their journey with their family, kids or their beloved, and upholds once again in the charms of ancient history.

Now, one should straight away mould their tour to visit and relish the undefined beauty of wildlife sanctuaries gathered there in the Gwalior Zoo, those who are wildlife enthusiasts, should visit here, since it contains wide range of animals especially the white tiger which is said to be the beauty of the Gwalior zoo, this zoo is also a part of a beautiful garden which is popularly known as Phool Bagh.

After enjoying the wildlife heritage of Gwalior, now when the sun is about to set, now it’s a perfect time to ad hoc the beauty of the sun temple, it’s best to visit this place during winters, in order to get respite from the scorching heat of the sun. The Sun temple is one of the most sought-after attractions in the city of Gwalior.

It is popularly known as Surya Mandir in Konark which is a red stone marbled temple, one should visit in the evening at the time of aarti when the echo of mantras entranced the whole of the surroundings.

Now almost the day ends, then one needs a refreshing stroke after a tiring day , one can move for shopping to city walk malls and city shopping and malls and embrace the beauty of various items in terms of clothing too, such as sarees with Chanderi work which greets the women tourists, for this one can take a visit over Mrignayani emporium, some exclusive masterpieces in form of decorative items, in order to buy the auspicious work of modernity and history.

Now, as the day ends, one should move to their hotels to take a perfect sense of belonging in terms of hospitality as provided by hotels to the tourists, and after a blissful stay overnight i.e., almost one night stay in the hotel, one should start the other day with same enthusiasm, in order to cover most of the famous places of Gwalior.

Trip to Gwalior- Day 2:

Now, the other day we woke up early in the morning , in order to cover most of the places by the end of day , since it will be our last day to explore this great and majestic city, which has witnessed the falls and rise of the empires, and still stands, and still stands testimony of glorious past and present modernity.

The day started with the visit of the Balaji Temple which enchants the tourists surrounding with the small world of peacefulness. After a blissful journey to Balaji, we started towards Sarod Ghar just to continue the morning with the echo of tranquillity by listening to some great classical music and to promote Indian classical music and culture. It is a place which relishes the minds of those who are music enthusiasts, especially connected with Indian music.

After that, we enjoyed boating in the Tighra Dam, which is located just outside the main city and provides a nice getaway from the city to explore the beauty of the everlasting thumbprints of historic legends.

gwalior boating

Now, one should turn to the popular Italian Garden which is a club in the heart of Gwalior for the citizens to have some fun and relax before they get back to beat the city of blues. The visit is absolutely free and the best time to visit this great Italian architecture is the daytime when the lush green garden makes the place more beautiful and lively. The garden is also connected with a pool where boating is done and many food courts which makes one’s present perfect and ravishing. The stone fountains add to beauty and splendour of this park.

After the exotic visit to the garden, one should move to visit the Tomb of Ghaus Mohammed, which is a beautiful tombstone and the stunning architecture which gives this place a sense of serenity and peace. It is among the best and popular tourists place to visit in Gwalior.

Now, since the day is about to end, hence, after this we end up the day with the visit to Surya Kund, which was constructed in the 15th century and is the oldest and most popular attractions in Gwalior among the top hunted places id to have existing much before the creation of Gwalior and provides a bird’s eye view to the beauty of Gwalior. The local people still feel that the water in the tank adds some medicinal value and power to cure the diseases. This place is all surrounded by beautiful gateways and the historic value adds much more flavour which entrails the visit of many tourists.

Now, since the day has almost come to an end, and now it’s time to say goodbye to this majestic place, but still one thing which should be done before the tour ends, one should plan for the visit to Gwalior Trade fair which is held at the Mela ground at the Race Course Road. The fair evolves the interests of a lot of visitors and the major attractions of the fair include Hasya Kavi Sammelan, Kavalis, cultural performances, Mushairas, music nights, etc.  The fair also has many fun rides for children and many food stalls which ensures a fun night here. The Mela is held every year in the month of January or February, so if one visits within this month then one should end up with a glorious visit to this Mela, and end up their 2 day trip to Gwalior with the feast which treats the tourists in form of local cuisines of Gwalior.

Now, one can return back to hotel after visiting the glorious places of Gwalior, and enjoy the local cuisines over the dining such as Paneer Pilaf, Samosas and Kachoris, Kebabs and Seeks, Bhujia) and to visit the whole Gwalior cab service serves you the best to overcome all the disadvantages in travelling and even gives you the luxurious getaway to explore history and majestic palaces , and even  cost-effective too, because of unlimited cash backs on every ride just to attract the tourists  and makes your journey worthful and refreshing.

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