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Top 20 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2018

Fitness apps can prove extremely helpful if they are actually designed well. A good fitness app will help you in every possible while keeping the track of your progress. You can get various types of fitness related apps like for running, cycling, diet, yoga, meditation etc. which excel in their areas and are specially designed for helping you out.

Top Best Health and Fitness Apps you need to Check for:

There are tons of fitness apps available for you to download which makes it really confusing to choose any one of them. Hence, in order to help you, we’ve shortlisted top 20 fitness apps of 2017 falling into different categories so that you may choose the suitable one according to you. Here’s the list:-

  1. RunKeeper

runkeeper app- workout and fitness app

RunKeeper is one of the apps to keep the track of your distance activities with the help of GPS like cycling, running, hiking etc. It measures and records almost everything relevant to your workout routine from time and distance to counting calories and everything in between.

  1. Yoga Studio

yoga studio fitness app

You get the freedom of choosing the type of asanas you wish to perform for different areas like relaxation, focus, flexibility, balance etc. It also has different levels to suit your comfort and requirements ranging up from beginner to advanced level.

  1. Sworkit

sworkit app

This app has the ability to provide you with the best suitable workout plan for you according to the amount of time you have and type of workout you want. Isn’t it great?

  1. JEFIT: Workout Tracker Gym Log


JEFIT app features thousands of workout routines for you along with the detailed instructions of how to perform them properly. It also lets you track your gym log by keeping the record of it which helps you in progressing well.

  1. Zombies, Run!
zombies run app
zombies run app

It’s the best fitness app for game lovers. This game helps you to sweat while playing it. What else do you want now?

  1. Charity Miles

charity mile app

It is the app for you if you wish to get in shape while doing some charity. You earn money by running or cycling and this money straight away goes to your chosen charity.

  1. ShopWell

shopwell app

It is a calorie counting app which helps you in knowing which food is healthy for you to eat and which isn’t.

  1. Yoga Wake Up

yoga wake up app

Just as the name suggests, Yoga Wake Up app provides you with 10- minutes yoga routines apt for doing in the mornings. It consists of different routines so that you may get to perform new postures every day.

  1. Fitnet

fitnet app

This app offers a number of various 7- minutes and 5- minutes workouts which ensure that you are able to exercise even in your busy schedule.

  1. StrongLifts 5×5

stronglifts 5x5 app

You can easily keep the track of your exercises with this app. Download it and record the number of reps, rest time and anything else you want with ease.

  1. mySugar

MySugar app

This is one must have app for diabetes patients. It enables you to learn the meals you need to cut down in order to keep your glucose level in check.

  1. Spotify Running

spotify running app

This app is one of its kind. It measures your speed while running and accordingly plays the track who has matching beats.

  1. Daily Yoga

daily yoga app

Daily Yoga offers over 50 recorded videos of yoga classes showcasing over 500 different postures with their details. This surely makes it super easy to do yoga daily with new poses every day.

  1. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ training club app

This app offers a variety of workouts designed by professional trainers for you. It also lets you share and compare your progress with other users of this app.

  1. MyFitnessPal

My fitness pal app

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular and easy to use fitness apps. It helps you in keeping the track of your diet without any hassle.

  1. HealthTap

health tap app

HealthTap is the app which lets you interact with the network of doctors this app has. You can ask questions related to any medical concern you have and you’ll get an answer within a few hours by them.

  1. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout App

J&J official app

This Johnson & Johnson app features their official 7 minute workout along with some more exercise routines to choose from which proves to be really fruitful if you perform just as instructed.

  1. Pocket Yoga

pocket yoga app

PocketYoga is the app you need for performing yoga asanas properly every time as you get visual as well as audio instructions for a huge number of different asanas in this app.

  1. Runtastic

runtastic app

This app is perfection. It uses the GPS settings in order keep a record of your track distance while monitoring your speed and time. It provides amazing user experience by featuring good options and interface.

  1. Sleep Cycle

sleep cycle app

This app is specially designed for keeping the record of your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best time when you are in the lightest state of your sleep. Sleep Cycle surely ensures that you wake up fresh and energetic.

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