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This is How Instagram Stories can be used well for Brand Building of Your Business

This is How Instagram Stories can be used well for Brand Building of Your Business- Instagram is one of the most influential and used social media among the youngsters nowadays. Through Instagram, you can share your pictures and a little context on them. Digital marketing has helped many entrepreneurs to grow their business online. Earlier they were not able to reach out to the millions through offline mode but this digital era has completely changed the scenario of brand building. It is now easy to target the customers through social media sites.

With the introduction of Instagram stories, the growth of businesses has fastened its pace. Though the idea of introducing 24-hour story feature was not originally developed by Instagram, but it has proved to be an important source for brand building. Some companies have realised the importance of Instagram stories and have started building their brand through it. Companies are now able to engage with the audience in a fun and personal manner.


In order to take your brand to the heights, you must know that how Instagram stories can help you build your brand.

So, here are some of the ways in which this feature can be effectively utilised:

1) Showcasing Your Product

Showcasing Your Product instagram stories

Through Instagram stories, you can show the feature of your product. People are interested in knowing the ingredients and the material used so that they can know the authenticity and safety of that product. This helps them to know more about the process involved. For example, in the business of block printing on fabrics, you can create a boomerang of how the blocks are being used on the cloth. This develops a curiosity among the audience and they are more likely to purchase it.

2) Deliver discounts and offers

Deliver discounts and offers instagram stories

The more stories you post, the more you are likely to appear on the top of their accounts. If there are any discounts or clearance sale or any offers, you can put a creative story related to it. Attractiveness in your stories are most important as the audience will want to view your story again and again.

3) Cover your Events

Cover your Events instagram stories

Every once in a while, if there is an event organised or attended by you cover them in your Instagram stories. This helps your brand to have an emotional connect with the audience. People will want to know more about the brand and its working.

4) Go Live and Interact


Go Live and Interact instagram stories

Instagram stories have a feature ‘LIVE’ which is the best way to invite people to view what is actually going on there. This feature acts as an advantage for the companies because notification of going live about that particular handle is sent out to all the followers by Instagram. This makes many users log in to view the live video.   

5) Take over others account

Take over others account instagram stories

Many famous Instagrammers take over the accounts of other famous personalities in order to target their audience as well. There are high chances that their followers will be interested in viewing your live sessions or stories put up by your brand. Influencer marketing is a big thing on Instagram and signing in to the stories of others help you to connect with a different segment of audience.

6) Share tips, facts and tricks

Share tips, facts and tricks instagram stories

Nasa has mastered the use Instagram stories, they share facts about their space crafts and the details of their on going projects. Their stories provide a lot of knowledge to space enthusiasts. People get to know about the eclipses and shooting stars. You can also educate your audience by providing or interacting with them about your ongoing projects and tasks so that they get to know about the culture of your company or brand.

Your brand can take the advantage of existing fan base or can create a whole new lot of interested fans. With the introduction of Instagram stories a brand is now able to expand their marketing strategies.


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