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How to Recover Deleted Photos from your Android Smartphone or Tablet

How to Recover Deleted Photos from your Android Smartphone or Tablet- Well, things are not in your hands always. There always occur some situations where you accidentally do something and then feel helpless about it. Same is the case when you accidentally delete your photos. The thought of losing those captured memories forever really seems scary. But, good thing is that you can recover those deleted photos from an Android smartphone/ tablet.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Android does not have a recently deleted photos folder from where you can recover the pictures deleted by you by mistake so it might sound unbelievable to you but it’s actually true. There are various software/ toolkits available with the help of which you can easily recover your deleted photos. You can simply download and launch them and you’ll be able to get your photos back. These toolkits prove to be helpful in either case i.e. if you’ve accidentally deleted the photos or if your device isn’t functioning and that is why you need to recover them.

So, here we are providing you with an easy to understand step by step guide of a randomly selected toolkit/ software- Active@ File Recovery Software so as to help you in recovering your deleted photos. Just follow the below- given steps and you will get your precious memories back.

This is how you can Recover Deleted Photos from your Android Smartphone or Tablet:

Steps for recovering the deleted photos (Active@ File Recovery Software)

You are required to follow the below given steps if you need to recover the deleted photos-

  1. Firstly, you need to make some changes to the settings on your device. Start off with opening the Settings. Go to Applications and open Development. Select USB Debugging and turn it on.

Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.

USB debugging- recover deleted photos

  1. Now, you need to connect your device to your PC so as to follow the next steps. Connect your phone with the help of the USB cable which you got with your phone.phone connected to PC- recover deleted photos
  2. Select the connect storage to PC option on your phone which will pop up as soon as you plug in the USB cable to your PC. In case, it doesn’t appear you can re- plug the USB cable.USB connected pop up- recover deleted photos
  3. You need to launch the Active@ file recovery software now. This software will let you scan through all the storage media files of your device.Active file recovery launch- recover deleted photos
  4. You can search and recover the deleted or lost photos from your phone acting as another drive on your PC.scan through deleted photos- recover deleted photos
  5. Once done with recovering the photos, safely remove the device from PC. Also, don’t forget to switch off the USB Debugging mode on your phone.

Similarly, you can follow relevant steps for recovering the deleted photos with the help of any other toolkit or software entrusted by you. Some of the other toolkits which you can use are:-

  • FonePaw Android Data Recovery program
  • Android Data Recovery
  • iMyFone Android Data Recovery

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