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France to Ban All Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2040

France to Ban All Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2040- Nicolas Hulot, the new environment minister of France stated that France will outlaw all gas and diesel vehicles sales by 2040. Not only this but by that time, they will also ban any new projects which will require the use of petrol, gas or coal.

Mr Hulot is a former wildlife TV presenter who is now a minister of France’s Ecological and Social Transition. While making this huge announcement, he took the pledge of making the planet great again. France also plans to make itself carbon neutral by 2050.
“the government will offer each French person a bonus to replace their diesel car dating before 1997 or petrol from before 2001 by a new or second-hand vehicle,” he added.
These announcements are said to be part of 5-year plan under the Paris Climate Agreement in order to encourage clean energy and fulfil the commitments previously made under it as their government wishes to maintain their leadership in this policy.
He said, “We want to demonstrate that fighting against climate change can lead to an improvement of French people’s daily lives,”
This announcement was made after Volvo stated that they plan to build hybrid and electric cars only from the year 2019.

He mentioned that reaching this target will definitely be tough, particularly for car markers as it would put great pressure on them but also that France’s car industry is equipped enough to make this switch and contribute to its success.

France to Ban All Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2040

They also made the announcement about stopping the importing of a few products like soya and palm oil which play role in contributing to deforestation especially in the Amazon forest in Congo. As for now, deforestation represents 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

He also added that they will be establishing citizen panels so as to debate over practical ways through which France can get help in meeting its commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement.
Reacting to this news, James Thornton (CEO of ClientEarth) has said,
“This is a huge statement of intent from the French government and an example of how we’re likely to see exponential change in the coming years as governments grapple with the necessary changes we have to make for air quality and our climate.
These moves should be heeded by other governments and industry, who need to act to protect us from air pollution in our towns and cities and help mitigate climate change.”

Not just France but also other countries aim to ban combustion powered cars like Germany as well as plans to do so by 2030 and Netherlands along with Norway seek to achieve this aim by 2025.

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