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Difference Between Ordinary Text Editors & Online Text Editors: 5 Suggested Online Text Editors

Difference Between Ordinary Text Editors And Online Text Editors
Difference Between Ordinary Text Editors And Online Text Editors

A writer always wanted a quick and easy content creation but is it that simple?

Online Text Editors: When it comes to content writing, there are many factors to be considered important but the first in them is selecting a text editor. Keep in your mind that if you are using an easy-to-use text editor, it would be very easy to complete your task in less time. But how can we determine whether a text editor is good or not?

Here are some factors to consider while picking up an efficient editor.

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Price-efficient.
  • Basic and advanced editing options.
  • Downloads the file for later use.

There are two common text editors and both of them are enlisted.

  • Online text editors.
  • Offline text editors.

It’s up to you whether to go online or offline but before going for any, have a look at some important things.

Online Text Editor VS. Ordinary Text Editors

                    Online Text Editor                      Ordinary Text Editor
More ComfortableLess Comfortable
Unlimited SpaceLimited Space
No Installation RequiredInstallation Required
More CompatibleLess Compatible

Both of them can be used for flawless content writing but both of them have some pros and cons.

In this guide, we are going to discuss these pros and cons so, have a look at them.

Online text editors are more comfortable than any other editor as they are machine-independent and the most important thing, you don’t need to suffer the lengthy installation processes. All you need is to search for an online text editor on the internet, pick one and start using it.

In contrast, offline or ordinary text editors need installation and this can cause a shortage of space and sometimes they are not compatible with some smart devices. So, using online text editors must be prioritized if you are willing to write as much as you can in a short span.

Top 5 Free Online Text Editors

There are not just five text editors available on the internet but we have shortlisted these five due to their:

  • Efficiency
  • Pricing plan
  • User-friendly interface

You can pick any of them and start writing your assignments, blogs, and many more.

1. Editpad.org


As we have mentioned above the simplest interfaces lead to the creative results and the same goes for editpad.org.

This tool comes along with the easiest interface. As soon as you get into this online text editor, you can see the editor. Simply, start writing the text in the input box or you can also paste any text and edit it to reuse.

The good thing is, there are some additional features available and these features are enlisted.

  • Word count
  • Character count
  • Paraphrase the content
  • Pop-up window

You can also upload a file from the local storage of your smart device for editing the text. You can also check for plagiarism using the integrated plagiarism checker tool in this online text editor.

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2. Prepostseo.com


Here comes one of the most famous one-stop shops for content writers. Prepostseo offers many tools that can be beneficial in content writing.

The very basic tool of this platform is an online text editor that enables the writers to write their content without having any difficulty.

It is not wrong to say that this online text editor offers almost all the advanced and basic editing options and some of them are enlisted.

  • Numbered list
  • Bullets
  • Link insertion
  • Insert tables
  • Add special characters

Things are not over here! There are many more additional features that you can use after finalizing your text file.

You can perform the following functions for the final results.

  • Save as pdf/doc
  • Check plagiarism
  • Check grammar
  • Paraphrase the text

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is quite famous for checking grammar mistakes but you can also use it as a text editor. You can search for Grammarly on the internet and start writing in the input box of this tool. There are both options versions available; free and paid. If you just wanted to use this tool like a text editor then you can go with the free one else, you can buy the premium subscription. The benefit of using Grammarly as a text editor is, that you can eliminate the grammar errors from your content side by side.

4. OneDrive


It is not wrong to say that this tool is not that famous but yes, it can help you write flawless content. This online text editor is all the way free to use and you don’t need to pay even a single penny for using this text editor. And you don’t need to install OneDrive on your laptop or other smart devices because you can access this tool online.

Secondly, there is no word limit and you can write as much as you need. The best option offered by this tool is, that it will autosave the progress. And you can also do basic and advanced formatting of your content with the help of OneDrive.

5. Hemingway

hemingway editor

If you want to get a text editor that highlights mistakes then this online text editor is best for you. It comes along with five colors output which shows the errors in the tone of the content. This will help writers to write in the right tone. Hemingway is nothing different than the free version of Grammarly but it is one step advanced. So, search for this tool online and start using it. Surprisingly, there are no words limit for using this text editor.


We have discussed the five online text editors that can help you write amazing content without having any difficulty. You can have a look at them and pick the one which suits you. Moreover, most of them are free and easy to use. Hope this guide will help pick the free online text editor.

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