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Don’t Question About the Existence of God: Find Yourself

The Question of Existence of god is one of the most common questions I have ever heard. Everyone wants to know whether he exists or not? I don’t know why it is so? But people spend their lives just for this one question. I never found it a matter which should be noticed ever.

Existence of God

Do you Exist- If Yes Who are you?

The Real question is Do you exist? Rather than asking for the existence of god just try to analyze whether you exist for someone or not? Well, who really cares god exists or not, because if he exists then its great good for all human beings and if he doesn’t exists then I don’t think it really hurt our earth. Just think once if god exists but you have no value in your life like you have no friends, no relatives & no lovable, then how irritating your life will be. You will never be able to feel the love, emotion & care nor even can you die with satisfaction. What is the role of god, in that case, just answer?

Existence of God

You are the creator of your destiny! So don’t waste your time in finding god! Make your life valuable for others and for yourself. Become the reason of smile for someone, or help others who need help. Just try to become a helping hand for someone, so that god can feel your existence.

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Change Yourself- Change the Question

Change the Question Today? Just ask yourself a very valuable question, what you did to your life in the years you survived here? How many people do know you? How many people do want to be like you? How many people try to copy you? Have you ever asked such kind of questions to yourself rather than asking for latest updates of the match, world, education & etc. Don’t just waste your time, life is precious so live it for yourself rather than knowing about others.

Existence of God

Memories of past & lovable pictures, Believe me at the end of your life you will leave the world with lots of memories & lovable pictures. Nothing else will count, leave something behind you every time so that someone else can follow you as some great leaders did in their life. Just smile to give the respect to your life, love your life, save it as much as possible & live it as much as possible.

Thank You God For What I Am

Existence of God

Thank your god now, rather than blaming! Asking god what you did for me rather than this just say thanks to god for what he made you! And believe me, you will become the most respectful, smart & intelligent guy in your life.

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