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Education Sector in India: Current Position and Development

Education Sector in India- The higher education sector has expanded rapidly over the years. The higher education sector of India is considered as to be the highest in the entire world. The higher education sector claims to have enrolled over 70 million students around the country. It is believed that this education sector will grow to the heights of $34 billion US dollars.

Education Sector in India: Current Position and Development-

Education Sector in India

Current Position

With the population of nearly 1.311 billion and still growing India has one of the biggest education sector in the world. India currently has over 1.4 million registered schools all over the country with nearly 227 million students currently studying in them. And India is further actively participating towards the development of education level in his country. The market size of education sector has shown some good result for the past 2 or 3 years. For the financial year 2016-17 the education market had turnover of grand $100 billion and for the current financial year 2017 the market is expected to increase to 116 billion US dollar. The education system in India comprises of primary education and higher education. The primary education in India is among the rapidly developing and enhancing sectors in India. However, it also faces certain problems like the education system of the villages and tribal areas still needs development.

Education Sector in India


Developing education sector with more than 1.4 billion schools and with 227 million students enrolled in it is not an easy task. The development will be concerned with continuous improvement in both the curriculum and the infrastructure. With infrastructure, I mean to cover up the technology used in the schools for teaching and the of-course the schooling environment focusing on buildings, sanitation, playground, labs and various other fields.

Focusing over the involvement of technology in the sector more stress is being given to distance learning programs and with the initiative of spreading the internet all across the country by the government of India the concept of e-learning is now coming under play. Internet is proving handy to the students with the variety of lectures and quality study material getting online at almost negligible rate. With the government launching its official NCERT website offering all of its books online. And with the initiative of enthusiasts like ncert book solutions offering the collection of e-books and their solutions online helping thousands of students is admirable. And with the upcoming of m-learning development has further drawn few steps forwards. M-learning seems to be the close relative of e-learning. With the full-form of mobile learning you can think what it does. It’s a platform so that students can learn from mobile environment like from their smartphones sitting in their homes.

Apart from the students those who are fond of reading other books rather than course books they can visit the national digital library of India http://www.nationallibrary.gov.in. With the collection of widespread books online. All such small efforts is helping India and contributing to the development of a skilled and educated BHARAT.

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