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Hiring a Freelance SEO Expert Will Save You a Fortune

Tired of spending big bucks on paid promotions for your recently launched start-up or a niche website? One thing you might want to go for is to hire someone to do SEO for your site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website in such a way that it starts receiving organic traffic from all the search engines. Search Engines like – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Things SEO Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

As mentioned above, SEO is the process of bringing organic traffic on a website which ultimately could bring more leads without spending much on paid ads. But there are a few things most of the SEO Agencies don’t want their customers to know.

Freelance SEO Expert

1.) Page one rankings are not everything – If any agency guarantees you page one rankings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it could bring you more results. Anybody could rank a keyword on page one with no competition. What matters is the search volume and the relevancy of the keyword you are ranking for.

For example: If an agency ranks your website for a keyword – “Website Designer in the United States of America.” Food for thought – How many people would type this keyword while looking for a web designer? Better to rank for a keyword like – “Best Web Designer in the US.”

2.) There’s more to link building – Building backlinks is one of the most important factors of SEO. But if done wrong, it could destroy your search engine rankings. And that’s where you ought to be more careful while hiring an agency to do the SEO link building. A majority of SEO Agencies still rely on the old school methods of building backlinks which focus more on numbers rather than quality. Especially on directories and classifieds. And once your SEO Package is over, you are left with no results.

3.) Traffic should be organic – There’s no point in calling yourself an SEO Expert if you brag about referral traffic. That’s right. One thing SEO Agencies hide from you is the source of traffic on your website. SEO focus more on traffic from search engines rather than external sources like referrals, social media or paid campaigns. Although these sources are important enough to get you more leads but result from SEO traffic is what matters the most.

4.) Using Black Hat Tactics – There’s one disadvantage of hiring an agency over a freelancer, and that is the number of people working on one site. You never know if any black hat tactics are applied by any of their executives to give a quick boost to your rankings. Which in fact, gives a temporary boost to your rankings but once Google catches your site’s black hat activities for rankings, it won’t take long before it disappears forever from search engine result pages. Yes, many SEO Agencies benefit from your lack of knowledge on the difference between black hat and white hat SEO.

5.) Local listing is free – There is no charge to put your local business on Google. All it requires is creating a Google Plus Account, going to Google MyBusiness in the Google Apps option, filling up the required information and that’s it. You will receive a verification code at your Business Address. Your listing will be live as soon as you verify the received code.

Why Choosing a Freelance SEO Expert is a Good Idea?
Freelance SEO Expert

An SEO Freelancer not only has the experience but knows what to bring to the table. Here are a few points why selecting an SEO Freelancer for your site is a good idea rather than an agency:

1.) Self-educated and experienced – A freelancer in SEO field has time to read blogs and has updated SEO Knowledge unlike company executives, who do the task based on their team leader’s commands. Imagine your site being handled by an SEO intern based on what his Team Leader would say.

2.) Responsible enough – A freelancer would take care of the client’s website like his own. Even if it involves building links or doing competitive analysis late at night. An SEO agency would distribute your site to their executives, who might not even know what they are doing.

3.) Free from office politics – Office politics can play a bigger role in destroying your website permanently. From many employees trying to get better than other, you never know when they hurt your rankings and play the blame game. In the end, it’s the client who suffers the most.

4.) Customizable Quote – An agency always try to sell you costly SEO packages, which includes half of the things, you can even do for free. A freelancer will only do what is required and can customize the pricing accordingly. For instance: if you need help only in Quality Link Building and not any other SEO work, a freelancer can do that for you.

Tip: To hire a freelancer for your website’s SEO, always check if he/she has a website and a good record in ranking web pages.


Hiring a freelancer is always beneficial and safe when it comes to SEO. Not all SEO agencies are same, but a freelancer would save you a fortune if found the right one

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