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Five Ways Exercise Can Help Reduce the Anxiety and Stress

Stress, depression, and anxiety are probably the more popular ailments next to cancer; the most underrated health issues that can lead to developing further health problems often remaining completely untreated. Let’s talk about this issue in depth. Have you ever experience anxiety or stress? Or, have you ever been around someone suffering from anxiety or stress? If you are new to these diseases that are terribly invisible right from the start, I guess you should learn a little about it before we dive deeper into discovering its solution.

What is Stress? The Stress Management Society states and I quote: “Stress is primarily a physical response. When stressed, the body thinks it is under attack and switches to ‘fight or flight’ mode, releasing a complex mix of hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine to prepare the body for physical activity.” Now if you look at this definition, you will realize that stress is not only a mental ailment that is quite bothersome but it also has terrible physical effects on people. Stressing out too much can lead a person to develop various ailments, and in women, it is becoming a leading cause of disturbing their fertility.

While there are many cures for depression, one of the ways that I find most effective are exercises. The physical workout has a great impact on toning down the symptoms of stress and anxiety and they help a great deal with increasing the focus which diminishes with increased anxiety. While exercise has been considered a reason for curing many different ailments, it works by shifting your hormone levels which ultimately leads to fixing any other diseases that might have been caused due to messed up hormones.

Five Ways Exercise Can Help Reduce the Anxiety and Stress:

Working out is the great cure for anxiety and now I will demonstrate exactly how it works for reducing stress and anxiety. There are five ways in which the symptoms of depression and stress can be cured.

1. Brighten Up Your Day

I love working out in the evenings because of several reasons. a) that’s when I have got time, b) I can take ample rest after working out which I believe is necessary to cool off the muscles and c) morning breeze has a very calming effect on my nerves. So if you want to plan a routine that completely lights up your day then you should opt for working out. Workouts can make us feel like a happier, healthier individual and it plays a great role in helping us maintain a healthy behavior. I have noticed that my friends who tend to work out in a gym every single day for about forty-five minutes always come back jolly and giggly, probably because they have made this workout routine and they can overall light up your day, so I will ultimately take ma’am word’s for it.

2. Repetitive Motions

Did you know that performing repetitive actions can lead to reduced anxiety levels? Before I did my research, I had read this novel “The Witch of Portobello” and I did have a faint idea of how she became more spiritual through practising calligraphy. And although she was initially angry at the repetitive work scheme of her assignments she soon discovered that it was supposed to be a part of her awakening and that is when she decided to undergo it. So, even if you do not remember that ‘as’ you should write the name of furor’, the Makkah that we are going to pray. So, you just have to ensure that they are not scheming for you do not have the good day here at all post exams and you should be really, really happy if she is awake.

3. Better Social Connections

If you are anything like me, you must be terrible at making social connections. That is probably because you are inherently a quiet person and an introvert. However, you probably didn’t give it a thought that forming better social connections through a workout session can easily widen up your social circle without taking a toll on your energy. I made a lot of friends at the gym simply because we had the same goals that we were working towards.

My friend was quite anti-social and that really became a problem for me because I lived in a different country. That was when I decided to ask her to join a yoga center for women. There, she met a lot of moms and she made new friends simply because these women were just like her and she could relate to their problems. When you feel relatable to someone, you realize that you are not alone and that helps a lot with managing stress and other issues.

4. Becoming More Confident

Many women believe that they don’t look good enough or they are not attractive enough. This thought pattern can lead them to become self-conscious and eventually they lose their self-confidence. If you think you are suffering from this issue or your loved one is stuck with this dilemma, you probably need to develop a solution-oriented thought pattern. When people work out regularly and rigorously, they are bound to notice changes in their physique and shape. They start looking more attractive and therefore, their confidence level increases.

On the other hand, not taking care of yourself can put you through this downward spiral where you look unattractive and it makes you miserable and your self-esteem lowers. You never get out of the rut, and your confidence in yourself vanishes completely. To avoid this situation, take measures and start working out. Once your body shapes up you will notice that your confidence in yourself would have been raised.

5. Hormonal Win

Most people who suffer from depression and anxiety have one or more hormone levels messed up in their system. Check out this post. So if you notice that you are depressed often for no reason, it is probably your hormones. And the very same hormones can lead you to gain fat unnecessarily. So if you feel like that could be the reason of your anxiety you should: a) start eating healthy food because often food choices mess up our hormone levels b) work out because working out can lead to the secretion of a special hormone named endorphins in our body. Endorphins are normally known as our happy hormones because they play a major role in deciding when we feel happy. If you are short on endorphin supply, do not resort to drugs, instead, start working out. In no time you will get fit and you will also become a happier person.

I hope this article helps you with curing your anxiety and depression or helping your loved ones with it, good luck!

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