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J.J Keller Elog Complete Tracking System For Your Vehicle

Transport business is a risky and tricky one because the truck owners have to deal with so many complications. They have a large number of trucks and it is really tough to keep a sight on all trucks and drivers. I can understand this factor because my father is a transporter and really glad to discuss J.J Keller Elog recently my father took their services to lighten their burden. J.J Keller Elog is the complete tracking system and today we will discuss them.

J.J Keller Trucking Compliance

J.J Keller is a trusted name in trucking observation. Initially, they have introduced paper logbooks and after it, they thought they should make an ELD device. J.J Keller Elogs is an addition to their trucking compliance system. It is an all in one solution for all your trucking experience and it can manage everything like driver’s qualification file, escape maintenance and lots more.

Functionality of Elogs

Simply Elog is a black box which is fitted into the diagnostic port of your vehicle. It exchanges information with a display device through Bluetooth. Its all your choice whether you provide your own display device or driver use their own. If you are a fleet owner then J.J Keller will give you their own tablet for this purpose. Their pricing can puzzle you so will discuss their price policy. In the beginning, Elogs were not costly but with the addition of other services, they may be expensive.


There is a clear data of price for avoiding your confusion. There are two criteria of pricing so observe carefully.


  • The black box that attached to your vehicle costs $199 and you can choose finance options.
  • In case you will give your own display device or utilize the driver’s then you will get the hardware at very lost cost.
  • Another option is J. J Keller’s tablet if you go for it then you have to pay $349.
  • You have to pay one-time training and installation fees also and it based on the size of your fleet.

Monthly charges

  • You have to pay $25.50 monthly per vehicle and in case if you provide your own display device then you will pay$15 per month.
  • If you use J.J Keller’s tablet then you will pay $59 per month. Additional charges of $33.50 for Verizon data plan.
  • If you have more drivers comparatively vehicles then you have to pay $3.50 per month.
  • For tracking DVIR records and other keeping information then you have to pay $3.50 per trailer.

So the most affordable way is to use your own display device and you have to give $199 for the Elog box and a monthly subscription of $25.50. For three year use, you will pay $1117 per device.

Advantages of J.J Keller ELogs

  • Easy solution for fleet observation and also gives a user-friendly interface.
  • The driver doesn’t need to deal with typical paper books they can enter their duty status information on it.
  • It will manage all the compliance and also the driver’s data.
  • System alerts warn you at the time of emergencies.
  • Capture the motion of your vehicle automatically.
  • You can integrate it with your device within seconds.
  • Manage duty hours and increase the work ability of drivers.
  • There is a roadside inspector mode which stops up unnecessary data and you will get only necessary information.

Drawbacks of J.J Keller ELogs

  • The features and abilities can change at the time of updates.
  • It focuses on Truck compliance not on the fleet as it claims.
  • Messaging feature, Engine diagnostic, document scanning abilities are not available in J.J Keller’s Elogs.
  • Many customers have dealt with a hardware issue and the accuracy of the application.
  • It is good if you pay for a basic plan but if you go for premium features then it doesn’t have worth.
  • If you hire the extra driver then you have to pay extra.

Final Verdict

  1. J Keller ELog is a good option but before installing it you have to inspect that it meets your requirements or not. There are many other ELog services but J.J Keller is a popular name and you can try it. But you have to observe price carefully and need the each and every information before adopting it for your transport business. This is good if you are looking for the lower price but high price scenario seems exorbitant for the services you get.

Well… it’s all your choice whether you go for it or adopt another. Above I figured out each and every point which you should aware of. ELog is a good solution for enhancing your business and driver’s efficiency as well. Still, any query regarding this service then comment below and also share your experiences if you have used one or currently using. For being updated stay connected.

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