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How To Choose Your Chocolate Diamond

Diamonds are ancient symbols, excellent guarantee for unforgettable occasions and anniversaries. The purity, resistance and clarity of the gems confer an eternal and unique charm to diamond jewellery.

How to choose a Colored diamond?

The quality, and therefore the price, of a chocolate diamond, is mainly defined by 4 variables:

  • The weight (in carats)
  • The purity (or clarity)
  • The color
  • The cut

The Weight

It is the first criterion of the value of a diamond and expresses its weight measured in carats. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams, or 1/5 part of a gram. The value per carat increases with the weight because it is much more difficult to find a large stone than a small one. In fact, the value of diamonds increases exponentially with carats. So much so that a 1-carat diamond can be worth up to 5 times more than a 0.50-carat diamond, both of the same color and purity. This is one of the most important factor in the context.

The Color

The color of a brown diamond is a measure of its degree of transparency and influences its brightness and beauty as well as its price, being, in fact, the second most important factor after weight.

Generally, a diamond tends to be slightly yellow, due to the presence of hydrogen atoms in its structure. The total absence of color in the diamond is very rare and therefore a completely colorless stone has more value.

Configuration and Cutting

The preciousness of the colored diamond can be further enhanced with the proper setting and cutting of the stone itself. The cut is self-explanatory, the higher the quality of the cut, the better the color is reflected when exposed to light sources. The adjustment of the color diamond on the jewel should be carefully examined and selected by an expert. The synergy of colors is the key factor.

The Shape or Size of the Diamond

The shape of a chocolate diamond, which is known as carving, can be in many ways, from the most popular, the brilliant round carving, to other more original carvings such as heart, pear or oval.

The size does not affect the quality of the diamond but its appearance, and, in the case of more rare sizes, its price.

Below we describe the main existing sizes that can be found in chocolate diamond earrings

Shiny (or Round) Size:

It is the round size and is the most usual. It is usually the brightest of the sizes. It consists of 58 facets or faces. This shape and configuration of the facets is designed to obtain the maximum shine, radiance and beauty.

Princess Size:

The Princess size, or square, is the next most common size after the brilliant size. In general, it is usually square, or slightly rectangular, and consists of 76 facets. It can get almost the same brightness as a round diamond, hence it is also one of the most popular and used in jewellery. This is said to be the best characteristic of all of the things listed.

Emerald Cut (or Rectangular):

The Emerald size is rectangular. Its peculiarity resides in the rectangular cut of the base of the diamond to create a sensation of maximum transparency and brightness. Therefore it is a size that is better suited to high clarity stones and transparent color because it tends to highlight the possible impurities of the diamond.

Oval Size:

The Oval size is, like its Indian name of oval or elliptical cut. They usually have a brightness similar to the brilliant size. It is also a much-appreciated size due to its elongated shape that helps to stylize the silhouette of the fingers.

Pear Size:

The Pear size has a characteristic teardrop shape. It is very suitable for elongated jewellery or to stylize the shape of the fingers. However, it has a lower brightness in the pointed part of the diamond.

Heart Size:

The size Heart is the most romantic size and has, as the name suggests, heart shape. It is a difficult size to make and it is important to verify its symmetry.

Marquise Size:

The size Marquise is similar to the Pear but finished in the tip in its two extremities. This size allows maximizing the carats that are extracted from a stone, getting a larger diamond. It is also a very stylized size that feels very good in jewellery.

Final Words –

Thank you for reading the article, it was an absolute honor bringing you this piece of content and you can keep following the blog for more content updates.

The article was created after looking into different views of experts online and offline from all over the globe respectively.

The post is in no way sponsored by the name of the companies stated above and their team respectively

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