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Impact of Online Education on Students and Teachers

Online education has been growing rapidly bringing many opportunities not only for students but for teachers also. In the recent years, Online education has seen an increase in the number of students participating in an online course as well as the validity of accrediting agencies. Online colleges are same as traditional colleges, you will earn the same degree with equal credits.

Traditional colleges and employers are now accepting the online degrees which have increased the availability of open instructor’s positions and has been rising significantly in the past few decades. The continuous need of qualified teachers is in demand with rising number of online students. Online colleges do not offer tenure that is why it is easier for teachers to get into this position.

Online colleges are offering more degrees and programs compared to the traditional colleges and the impact of it can be felt everywhere in the world. It is necessary for the teachers to get adapted to the constant change in technology and to successfully become an online instructor. If you are good in technology then there are many online colleges in the USA like Webster University where you can directly submit your application for teacher job. Currently, students opting for higher education comes under the age group of 18 to 22 which means they come under generation Y and Z which mean laptops, cell phones, Wi-Fi is very common.

There is an instant growth of the use of world wide web to get the information. Children are also taught through different presentations so that they can understand better. There is a dramatic change in education which includes online teaching using Skype, recorded videos, and many others. Students can go through these videos whenever they want. It also helps in making notes for their examinations. Studying online reduces extra expenses like travelling and food. It gives you flexibility and comfortability as compared to the traditional colleges. You will find many best online colleges offering various programs and courses. The teacher must know the necessity of online learning before going into this profession so that they can nicely deliver their teachings to the students.

According to the research, it is found that online colleges are earning more than traditional colleges because they are offering more online classes to their programs. There is a growth in revenue of 20% with the rise in a number of students participating in online colleges. Unconventional degrees are being introduced with specialized topics to their portfolio of programs. More and more people are wanting to go into this field because of the rise in revenue that only happened due to advancement in computer technology. The instructor’s salary will rise continuously and the number of positions will decrease in traditional colleges. Online colleges provide better pay and benefits with low tuition costs.

According to the survey it is found that at least 7 million students participate in one online course which declined the overall higher education enrollment in traditional colleges. Thirty-two percent students take at least one course online with an increase of 570,000 students over the previous year during fall 2011. Many colleges adopted for Massive open online courses (MOOCs). They aimed at the large scale and provided open access via the web. MOOCs helped in building the community for the students and the professors with materials such as videos, readings and problem sets.

MOOCs are able to deliver online education to reach millions of people around the world. It has created a new way of learning and teaching and will be competing with college degrees in the following decades. Introducing MOOC in a broad level will engage more students in education with high-quality content, with a remarkable result. It is a new area of online education, so it will take time for many institutions to offer an online degree but it provides a wide opportunity for students to study in the low-cost structure at home.

The main question arises when it comes to quality of education offered by online colleges. Online colleges give flexibility, adaptability, and comfortability to balance their personal and professional responsibilities with their academic duties. There is a growth of 77% in student opting for online courses due to other responsibilities. Students should be highly motivated and willing to take responsibility for their own learning. They should be always connected to teachers and facilitators through email, phones or skype to clear their doubts, understand the course motive and assignments.

It isn’t yet sure how schools and colleges will change in the coming decades. Online education will positively be a central part of advanced education that offers more extensive access, enhanced employability, and more profound learning. It will be benefiting both society and individual. To learn more about online courses and programs you can directly contact the online college admission counsellor.

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