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Top 5 BBA Colleges in India: What are the best colleges in India for a BBA

Management education is becoming the need of the hour for those looking to achieve success. A course known to hone great leaders and managers from those with potential, a management degree is a valuable asset. Many choose to pursue management as their higher degree as a form of specialisation that can help them climb the corporate ladder. However, the rise of popularity of BBA as an undergraduate course is presenting a favourable shift towards pursuing management early on. The leading BBA colleges in India are going all out to create an experiential course to train young management aspirants to think like global leaders.

Today, with experienced and dynamic faculty, and global exposure, a BBA could help students navigate the complicated issues of running a business with ease. Therefore, some of the big companies would often put in multiple processes before hiring the right candidate with matching skill-sets.

Unlike smaller businesses, where both day-to-day operations and strategic decisions will often be led by a one-man army, established companies, on the other hand, will look for candidates with a sound educational background and put them in charge of important managerial roles. Not only that, the experiential course also trains students to become ‘intrapreneurs’ contributing to business success – often running clusters of businesses from within a large business conglomerate and contributing to the bigger picture. Once you have graduated, you can also consider to start and run your own business and employ like-minded people to run your business with you.

If you are considering applying for BBA, don’t forget to apply to these colleges:

  1. Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, NMIMS

Narsee Monjee, situated in the heart of Mumbai, is well-known for its business courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. An education at Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, its undergraduate school, is highly coveted by marketing and finance enthusiasts; experienced faculty, exposure to inspiring guest speakers and overall classroom experience are few of the many reasons why.

  1. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies

The much-reputed institute is a prime destination for business aspirants across the country. Priding itself on building a centre that celebrates excellence, SCMS has two main campuses – Pune & Noida. The undergraduate course focuses on building skills through regular process top-notch mapping exercises and internship opportunities.


With two campuses in Delhi-NCR, UBS at IILM has come far beyond its initial steps to be counted as among the best BBA colleges in Delhi as well as India. Their rich internship opportunities as well as student exchange programmes are instrumental in molding leaders with a global mindset. IILM UBS is a preferred destination for those looking to step into the entrepreneurial role, be it for those looking to start something new or those joining family businesses. Partnerships with leading universities across the globe also open up opportunities for international students, allowing them to explore their potential further.

  1. Christ University

The university’s curriculum including field visits, flip classes, simulation, multiple projects, and seminars, creates a dynamic environment for business studies students who learn to thrive in an active environment. Drawing in from its strategic location at Hosur Road in Bangalore, Christ University shines brightly at a premium destination for BBA. Notable industry experts often come down to the college to interact with the college students, imparting knowledge that can only be availed beyond the textbooks.


The leading university situated in Dwarka, Delhi is a host for excellence in BBA education that is supported by a superb faculty and excellent placements. The course is designed as such that students are groomed to take on higher management education as well as are market-ready to run their own venture. With many colleges within the university offering BBA, the students at the university also benefit from the exposure to different college cultures that co-exist.

The growing economy of India is opening up a plethora of opportunities for businesses, naturally piquing the interest of those looking to making it big. With their multi-pronged approach in classroom education and equal emphasis on the experiential learning, BBA colleges in India are surging to be among the best in the world.

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