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Jat Andolan in Delhi, Haryana: Who Are The Jats And What They Want?

Jat Andolan in Delhi, Haryana, India/ Jatt Andolan: Get here Latest News about Jat Andolan 2016. Jat Andolan in Indian News Live Updates, Who are Jats, What Jats Want from Govt. Reasons of Jat Andolan in Delhi NCR (New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida). Jat Andolan for Reservation.

India has become the country in which people are protesting to be called “Backward”. Andolan has been known in Indias as the biggest way to achieve or get something. Mostly Get something from government. There were many Movements in India in the past. Recently, one more movement was held by the Jats in Delhi and Haryana, which almost killed the whole Haryana for 2-3 days. No Work, No Office, No Trains, No Traffic. We know it is a bit late, but here is who are these Jats? What they want from Govt? And will they get or not. Or what the government is thinking. Latest Update and reports will be present here on Jat Andolan in Delhi, Haryana. Keep connected to EduMovlive.com.

Jat Andolan in Delhi, Haryana

Jat Andolan in Delhi and Haryana:

The Jat Andolan has been in the news this whole week and the previous weekend too. So who are actually these people and what are they asking for. The Jats (or also called as Jatt) are an agricultural caste group in Haryana, and seven other states in North India. The other important states where Jatt are present are Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. But in Haryana, they are the predominant caste, and therefore politically influential.

Now, these people are on the streets asking for the Reservation in the Backward Classes (OBC). That’s not at all surprising, this reservation was has been in India since 1991. They want their castes also to be included in reservations (or Quotas). Which has already made India suffer a lot. The reservation in any field (especially Government Jobs) has made Indian Talented and Intelligent minds to suffer.

In 1991, Gurnam Singh Commission report included Jats in the Backward Classes category along with seven other groups. But the Bhajan Lal government withdrew the notification for the inclusion of Backward classes. After which two more Backward Classes Commissions were set up in the state which excluded the group – in 1995 and 2011.

Bhupinder Singh Hooda made a promise during the Polls which said about the Reservation of Jat Community. He tried for the Reservation and wrote several letters to the Union government seeking their inclusion of Jats. In April 2011, the K C Gupta Commission to go into the question once again. In 2012, the commission recommended the inclusion of Jats and four other caste, Jat Sikhs, Ror, Tyagi and Bishnoi, in the category Special Backward Classes (SBC). The Hooda government accepted the report and 10% quota was granted, but this was later set aside by the Supreme Court. Which now has become and issue, and Jat Community wants their Quota as soon as possible.

Jat Andolan in Delhi, Haryana

The Protest or Jat Andolan 2016

On Saturday, the community members were seen on the roads for the Protest. As the day passed, it created more problems. The National Highway was closed, the railways tracks were blocked, and any person traveling was first insulted and then beaten up. Till Monday, the protest was all over the news, there were 850 trains canceled, 500+ factories were closed, school and colleges were also shut down for whole 2-3 days.

One of the farmer who was seen in the protest stated, “I am fighting for my sons’ future. The boys are sitting at home and there is nothing they can do at the tea shop. They studied hard to make a new life but now they are wasting time and watching TV all day.”

What he is doing is justified by his reason, its for his Son. But according to the statistics, the People in General Category are also facing the same problem as his sons are. So if everyone starts asking for the Reservation, it will be a disaster.

Conclusion of Jat Andolan 2016

Finally, the Government of Haryana responded. And they considered to draft a bill for the reservation of Jat and few other castes. Now, if the bill is drafted then it would be discussed in the Assembly session beginning March 17. So this time, they might have won the war of reservation consideration. But if the bill is not passed then will this happen again.

As this time, it almost cut water supplies to Delhi’s 20 million residents and disturbed 850 trains and local traffic. Also there was a loss of $8 million to the business in Haryana and Delhi NCR.

Stay tuned for more information on what happens next with the Reservation of Jat community or Will there be another protests by more community to give them also reservation in the Quotas.

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