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All About The Latest Trends Of House Call Doctors

Getting sick is one feeling we all hate and are scared to go through. On top of that, the inconvenience of travelling through roads to the hospital, waiting in the queue to get the appointment, and the whole hospital feel is a complete turn-off. But recently a new trend has started coming up.

Haven’t you ever wished that instead of your visiting the doctor in a hospital, the doctor himself could walk at your door? This means

  • No travelling in sick condition
  • No more waiting in long queues
  • Personalized treatment
  • 24/7 availability without worrying if your GP is open or not

Calling a home doctor is a win-win situation for patients as well as doctors. It is more convenient, cheaper and smart decision than making a visit to any clinic or hospital. The time saved from visiting a doctor in the clinic is saved here. Calling a doctor at home also saves from several kinds of infection present at the hospital. And the most important is, it allows freedom and flexibility to the patients. They can choose their own time.

The concept of home call doctors is not new. The advancement in technology has completely changed the way home doctors used to cure patients. Let’s have a look, what are those changes and the latest trends in this field.

Now doctors are available at one call away

The advancement in communication technology makes it possible to book an appointment on a single call. You just need to dial a number and request an appointment at any time of day.

Earlier, someone from your family had to go directly to the hospital for booking an appointment for a home call doctor. But now, you no longer need to wait in a long queue for Medicare. You can simply dial the booking number or use the app and bring your home call doctor at your doorstep.

Advancement in medical technology boosts the medication process

If we go back a few years back, it used to be very hard for home call doctors to perform normal checkups. It was not possible to carry big and heavy equipment along with them. They were limited to some specific tasks only. For the rest, patients had to visit the hospital.

With the advancement in technology, now it is possible to diagnosis more issues in a patient. The lightweight and easy to carry medical equipment make it easy to analyze patients in a better way. Now doctors can conduct more examinations during even a home visit.

The advent of applications and websites 

From buying grocery to a car, everything has gone online today. Medical industry also has gone digital. The number of Google patients (who always prefer to research doctors and hospitals on search engines) is on a continuous rise.

One can easily get an idea about doctors, their qualifications, specialization and experience and a lot more through websites. They can choose a doctor accordingly. There are several types of mobile applications also available. Such apps allow you to book an appointment in an easier way.

Know approximate cost in advance

With the help of mobile applications, you can know how much it is going to cost you in advance. You can arrange money accordingly. Also, you can know how much amount you need to pay as insurance and other taxes.

Home healthcare

The home healthcare is a new concept. The square of home health care is emerging as an alarming rate. People are setting up general and common medical equipment at their houses. Such setups not only help people to heal at their home but also save money and time in visiting hospitals.

Diagnostic practices can now easily be performed at home with these kinds of home healthcare arrangements. For old age patients, such systems are very beneficiary. They can get diagnosed and get reports at their home. They no more need to worry about going to a hospital for several kinds of tests.

Telemedicine has become a new choice

Many of the people, who are suffering from minor health issues, don’t even need a home call doctor. But proper medication is a must. The telemedication services allow a patient to call a doctor and get remedies and medications over a phone call. The concept saves both your and doctor’s time.

These are some of the latest trends in the field of house call doctor. This trend is slowly speeding up and can especially help in the following cases:

  • When your regular GP is not open
  • Or he is out of town
  • When the patient is alone and not in a state to drive to the hospital
  • When the problem is not so big to make a visit to the clinic across the city

If you want to add more or have any question, please let me know in the comment section below.

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