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Muay Thai for weight loss and Thailand for everyone

We live in a time where, every day, more and more people start to worry about their health. Fitness gadgets are trending, more gyms and healthy food chains open every year, and even smoking rates drop a little every year. Authorities all around the world are pushing health agendas to fight obesity, diabetes, heart disease or other conditions caused by taking poor care of our own health.

Muay Thai for weight loss

So, as society grows more and more concerned with general health and fitness, there have surfaced new ways to take better care of our health and the classic old ways have become more popular than ever. If you want to be in the best shape possible, here are some things you should definitely try:

1. Exercise regularly

Physical exercise is the most effective and well-known way to stay healthy, and the good thing about it is that there are several types that can fit any particular person’s lifestyle, health needs, skills and tastes. While it would be impossible to create a comprehensive list of all the types of physical exercise out there, here are some of the most popular:

Weight training at a gym: Weight training is ideal for young people who want to improve their appearance at the same time they improve their health. There are hundreds of thousands of gyms all around the world that offer memberships in a wide array of prices and include several different workout machines and weights. Joining a gym is also a great way to remain motivated and to have a coach and friends to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Cardiovascular training: Cardiovascular training is probably the easiest way to remain healthy. It includes all physical activities that help you exercise your lungs and heart and all the associated blood vessels. While it can be performed inside a gym using all the cardio machines, it is an incredibly versatile way to remain in good health, because you can always run or do jump rope routines at your local park. One of the main features of cardiovascular training is that it is appropriate for people of all ages, sizes and conditions, contrasted to weight training, which could be counterproductive for people in some situations. Nevertheless, you should always consult a doctor before engaging in any kind of physical training.

Yoga: Yoga has gained enormous popularity due to the fact that it not only brings physical benefits such as elasticity and muscle training, but it also helps you be more psychologically healthy and promotes a generally healthier lifestyle. You can try yoga by yourself at home or you can join a group class if you want to socialize a little at the same time.

2. Eat healthier

The other half of good health is your diet. While exercise is great for losing a few pounds for an upcoming holiday, generally watching what you eat is the best way to prevent some diet-related illnesses such as obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol. Here are some tips that could help you start eating healthier:

Generally, avoid junk food: It does not take an expert dietitian to identify some of the foods that should be consumed as little as possible. Potato chips, sodas, fast foods and so on are among the foods that should be avoided when possible, or at least we should reduce our consumption of them. While, obviously, nothing bad happens if you drink a soda or order a pizza sometimes, eating these foods on a daily basis is one of the fastest ways to gain weight and increase your risk of suffering from diet-related diseases.

Hire a dietitian: If you are particularly worried about your health, whether it is because you have an obesity problem or because you want to be more fit than average, you can always hire a dietitian to make you a diet especially tailored for you. Professional dietitians perform medical exams and blood tests to learn more about how your body works and recommend exact foods, portions and times of the day where they should be eaten to ensure you get healthier in a short period of time and then stay that way for a very long time.

3. Join a Muay Thai program if you live in Thailand

Muay Thai at Suwit is a combat discipline that originated in Thailand. It is one of the most popular disciplines and fighters of mixed martial arts often practice it. It involves a combination of punches, kicks and clinches that can be very powerful when applied properly. Many people train Muay Thai for weight loss because it is easy to lose your weight in the short time.

There is definitely more than one Muay Thai training camp in Thailand if you are eager to learn a new discipline and improve your overall health at the same time. Training camps combine general exercise and special diets –you might have noticed that those two are the previous points in this article- with the teaching of the principles of Muay Thai. They are a great way to improve your physical and mental condition, make new friends with similar goals and, at the same time, learn a new discipline which, of course, comes with the same social and psychological benefits that all martial arts bring with them: a sense of responsibility, discipline, and a general desire to have a healthy, well-balanced and proactive life.

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