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Acquaintance with Jungle Foods will Make Your Survival Easier in the Wilderness

Acquaintance with Jungle Foods will Make Your Survival Easier in the Wilderness- When you are trying to survive in the wildlife, you must have known about the natural food available at that place. As you will spend a few days in the jungle, you will want to move around with minimal luggage. Almost all natural environments can offer a variety of items which even if not pleasant to taste can meet our nutritional needs. The problem is less for horses that often accompany people during jungle trips because it can feed on the grass, which is its prime food. Horses of all breeds feed on grass even the ones that you see on TVG shows.

Acquaintance with Jungle Foods will Make Your Survival Easier in the Wilderness

Food in the jungle comprises of fruits and plant offerings that you can eat readily. In a survival situation, some small wild game and even some insects are excellent sources of nutrition. When wandering in the jungles of North America, you could bank upon the following natural food sources derived from plants. Besides, there are few insects good for your appetite.


When you get stuck in a jungle, the grass is the most abundantly available food that you can eat when nothing else is available near at hand.  You can chew the upper part of grasses which are the leaves but do not swallow the fibres as these are difficult to digest. At the base of grass is the root corn which is the white part of the stem and root junction that you can roast and eat just like potatoes.

You can eat a few distinct kinds of grasses to maintain yourself in a crisis circumstance.

Anyway grass alone won’t shield you from dying as it is like you just eating Broccoli (no water or anything). Consequently on the off chance that you were lost there is ALOT something other than grass that you can eat. There are wild berries, you can make catches and pit traps for neighbourhood untamed life, and as beforehand expressed Insects are a brilliant wellspring of sustenance.


Conifer is good food especially the inner part of the bark that is rich in starches, sugars, and calories. All evergreen cone-bearing conifers are edible for humans except for yew with red berries which is poisonous. Scrap out the inner bark and cook it so that the fibres become digestible.


Acorns obtained from oak trees are rich in calories, fats, and proteins but you can eat it only after leaching to remove the tannic acids that make it taste bitter. To remove the tannins, you can put the acorns in a net bag and immerse it in a stream for one full day. Another method of getting rid of the bitterness is to put it in several changes of boiling water. Target white oaks that have the best flavour due to less tannin content.


Tossing bugs in a stew could make it quite palatable and drive away the inhibitions that you might have about eating insects like ants, grasshoppers, and grubs.

In numerous parts of the world, eating bugs is ordinary. Creepy crawlies are really the most plentiful protein source on the planet, and huge numbers of them brag thick convergences of en-vogue supplements like omega 3’s that we purchase at extravagant supermarkets. In the event that 2 billion individuals can welcome bugs to the supper table, it shouldn’t be excessively of a stretch for you to incorporate consumable bugs in your crisis survival abstain from food.

All in all, Which Bugs Can You Catch and Eat?

  • Grasshoppers and crickets
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Grubs
  • Woodlice
  • Night-crawlers
  • Stinkbugs
  • Scorpions


Carry a fish spear with you in your jungle trip, or you can make one out of a sharpened stick that you can use to hunt freshwater fishes which is premium survival food. Using a T-shirt as fishnet can help to catch minnows.

If you can catch rabbits and squirrels, you can have a feast in the jungle just as you would with the meat when at home.

Learn how to make a spear, It’s in every case better to remain arranged in a wilderness horseback safari. A lance is as yet accommodating when in the midst of the natural life. It can help in getting a fish or for different purposes. To make a lance, you will require a thin yet straight wooden stick. You can tear the finishes and give it the state of a fork. Disengage the fork utilizing a wooden wedge and convey it to put. Hone each fork made utilizing a blade. A lance is a steady resistance device from any midnight assaults from wild creatures. There are a few lances composes, for example, the tripe-prong skewer and numerous others. You choose to make the one that suits your inclination.

Surviving the old incorporates watchful arranging and evaluation of any given circumstance. You need to investigate the rich normal setting, the wild creatures and furthermore remain fit and secure. For this, you have to send basic survival procedures. You can take reference from the above-examined ones and dependably include your contributions for the same.

The more you know about nature, more would be your options for choosing the right food.

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