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Patanjali Noodles: Man Found Bugs in Noodles Produced by Baba Ramdev Company

After Maggie was banned in India, people were sad as there main snack item was banned. But it was done due to health reasons, an excess of lead was found in Nestle Maggie noodles. Thus came Baba Ramdev Company as a God for all the Maggie lover person. They got herbal noodle or maggie, yummy and healthy at the same time known as Patanjali Noodles. So here is where things went for Baba Ramdev Company or Patanjali Noodles.

Patanjali Noodles Lands in Trouble:

The News came within few weeks of the launch of Patanjali Noodle, the alternative for Maggie Noodle. Baba Ramdev said that this will be a healthy and tasty snack for everyone. We don’t know about the taste as after the release of the news that there were bugs found in the noodle. It is difficult to taste it.

Patanjali Noodles

In Jind, Haryana a man found few bugs inside the sealed pack of Patanjali noodles. He told that he bought the Patanjali Noodles Pack from the nearby Swadeshi store in Narwana. The Man has now filed a litigation against the manufacturer of noodle i.e, Baba Ram Dev Company.

Recently, the news was flashed that Baba Ramdev did not take approval for the Noodles. For which the Baba Ramdev Company responded and said they have the licence for the Pasta and Noodles also comes under Pasta. But with this latest News and bug found, the Patanjali Noodles are back in controversy.

Patanjali Noodles

Baba Ramdev plan was perfect to launch the Patanjali Noodles immediately after the Ban of Nestle Maggie Noodle. But now as the Maggie is back, it seems the time for Patanjali Noodles are over.

What will Baba Ramdev response be? Is it done by a political party to defame his company? Or Will he say that Nestle is planning against Baba Ramdev as Patanjali will take out Maggie from the business.

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