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Pros and Cons of the Electric Lawnmower | Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Pros and Cons of the Electric Lawnmower- From decades, the lawnmower industry has seen the evolution of many new products and each of these products come with new innovations and added features. These added functionalities help in improving the quality of the lawns much better than the old equipment. Also, they require very less of manual work and are much powerful. One such innovation is the electric lawnmower.

Electric lawnmowers are a better option when you have small or medium-sized lawns. They come in two modes: either corded or cordless. Both of them are same in features except that the cordless electric lawnmowers don’t have any cables. Thus they can be used in somewhat big gardens as well.

Benefits of Electric Lawnmowers:

There are many advantages associated with the electric mowers. Some of them are discussed below:

Free from noise

The electric mowers are silent although some mild noise can be expected. The engine used in the electric lawnmowers is not like oil powered device or standard gas so you won’t get disturbed. Unlike this, the traditional lawnmowers produce a lot of noise which can make you deaf as well.

No Oil or Gas Hassles

The electric lawnmowers are free from any type of hassles of gas and oil coming out from the motor. In case the lubricant is required in the engine, a different type of oil is used which is very simple to apply. There will be no accidental spills as well. Thus, the electric lawnmowers are free from any such hazards.


Most of us keep on thinking about the environment protection. The electric lawnmowers too are designed keeping this thing in mind. As no gas is required for these lawnmowers, so natural resources will be exploited while these mowers are used on the lawns.

Easy to Operate and Use

The electric mowers are lighter in weight and operating them is very easy in comparison to other gas mowers. So the mowing time required for the lawn is cut and manoeuvring becomes much easy. Thus, even large lawns can be mowed very quickly.

Self Propelling capacity

Unlike the gas mowers, the electric mowers in most of the cases are self-propelled and hence no human resource is required for the same.

Reduced Cost

To charge the lawn mowing robot for the full year, just 5 dollars have to be spent unlike paying a huge amount for buying gas. Also, the maintenance cost for these mowers is very less. There is no requirement for oil filters, tune-ups and many other types of equipment. Just you have to invest one time and for the long run, it will benefit you.

Disadvantages of Electric Lawnmowers

Everything comes with certain pros and cons as well; same is the case with electric lawnmowers. Along with so many advantages, these mowers have some attached cons as well. Have a look at them below:

Electricity Supply is Required

With corded electric lawnmowers, there is a continuous requirement of electricity near the mower. Also, the size of cables is not that big and hence you always need an extension to get the big sized cable. If some more length of around 10 meters was added to the cable, it would be a better option.

Messy Cables

With cables come a lot of wires which can create a mess while you work. You continuously need to keep a watch on the cable and move it along with you. This can be a pain indeed. Thus, this job requires two people; one to mow and other to keep the cable moving so that it is not tangled.

Risk of Injury with Blades

The speed of the blades is very high and hence once started it is not easy to stop those blades quickly. It will take some time to stop these blades, unlike manual mowers which are easy to stop just in a fraction of seconds. Thus, sometimes it can be a risk and the person might get injured.

Grass Gets Damaged

The rotary blades in the electric mowers might chop the grass and not properly get it cut. Thus there is a chance of some kind of pest attack. It is very important that the grass is cut cleanly so that there is no disease or any other type of attack.

These are some of the noted pros and cons associated with the electric lawnmowers. Although you can see some disadvantages are definitely there but don’t forget that every coin has heads and tail. It just depends on what you are expecting from the lawnmower and accordingly you can choose the one that suits your lawn.

So quickly choose a lawnmower that will make your lawn catchy and attractive and healthy in long run.

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