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What is GBWhatsApp and Its Features

GBWhatsApp and It’s Features: So, you have just got a new phone, right? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you get your new phone? Well, of course, it is to download WhatsApp and other social media apps in it. Most importantly people give focus to WhatsApp and it is certainly a very popular choice amongst the people. People use the Whatsapp app more often than any other app and 99.9% of the people have it on their phones.

WhatsApp has got over 100 million users that are constantly on this social media platform. Now, WhatsApp certainly takes a very important part of our life. Every day we use it for sending messages and other stuff as well. There is no doubt that people absolutely love WhatsApp. But even after all this; there are certain restrictions in the features of WhatsApp. That can cause a bit of an inconvenience for people.

Well, not anymore as we are here with another alternative to WhatsApp. It is known as GBWhatsApp and we are going to talk a bit more about GBWhatsApp latest version in a while.

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What Exactly Is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is an alternative to the Whatsapp application that we have and it is a better one for sure. With interesting features that you won’t get on WhatsApp, this application has quickly made its way to the smartphones of people due to the smart GBWhatsApp features and a lot more.

So, what does it have you ask? Well, starting from the option to hide your last seen to provide themes for the chats, this has got

What is GBWhatsApp

everything. GBWhatsApp latest version packs an advanced level of user experience due to its interesting features as well.

What works for the application is that whether you have a rooted device or not, it will work in both. The installation process is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is download the application from a link and you are all set to install it.

With so many modded versions of WhatsApp available on the Internet, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the correct one. There YOWhatsapp, WhatsApp Plus, and some other names as well.

But, GBWhatsApp latest version proves to be the best versions amongst all the other options that you will find on the Internet. One of the best things about the application is that the users will be able to use it along with using WhatsApp very easily.

Also, this app acts as Dual WhatsApp as well in a particular device. That can be a plus point as well. You will be able to download the GBWhatsApp latest version from the official site of GBWhatsApp.

What Are The Features Of GBWhatsApp Latest Version

Well, it has come to our notice that the GBWhatsApp latest version has got some amazing and interesting features about which we would like to tell you.

  • Auto reply feature lets you rely automatically.
  • New themes, blue ticks, and group features are added
  • Revoking multiple messages on WhatsApp is possible
  • Scheduling of WhatsApp messages all at once
  • Chat and status hiding options available
  • New and unique Emojis are added
  • The feature for Video Calling works flawlessly
  • Videos up to 50MB can be sent
  • Various bugs have been fixed in this latest version
  • Language support for over a 100 languages
  • Official works as Dual WhatsApp
  • Zero issues with a ban
  • Usable with an official as Dual WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp lock feature available without having to download any other software
  • Specific calls can be clocked, voice calling can be disabled
  • Added Selfie Flash mode

How To Download And Install GBWhatsApp Latest Version

One of the best things about the app is the ease of downloading and the installation process that is pretty simple as well. All the users need to do is go to the download links provided in the different sections and download the app from there. Also, the app can be downloaded from the website of GBWhatsApp after the checking of all the necessary details.

You also don’t have to worry that you will lose all your previous chat from WhatsApp once you download the GBWhatsApp latest version. These previous chats are backed up for safety as well. Now, let’s get back to the installation process. To make sure that the latest version is installed correctly, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Step 1 – Install the .apk file on the mobile phone from the different resources and links that are provided. You need to ensure that the device is properly enabled for installing apps from the unknown links.
  • Step 2 – After installing the app, you need to click on the part that says ‘Agree & Continue’.
  • Step 3 – The next step would be giving the mobile number to receive a One Time Password. Enter it and proceed further.
  • Step 4 – Backup all the files after safely following all instructions. Your chats will be restored.
  • Step 5 – Enter the name and you are all set for enjoying GBWhatsApp.

So, what do you think about GBWhatsApp latest version, people? Doesn’t it seem like a useful and amazing application? Well, download and install the app right now to enjoy a wide range of Interesting features.

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