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How to take First Aerial Photography Shoot | How to make it Awesome

How to take First Aerial Photography Shoot Using Drones- Aerial photography has become easy and a lot common these days with drones. Aerial Photography is still commonly done by different aircraft. If you live in a place that has a lot of scenery and landscapes and you plan to start aerial photography there is stuff you have to make sure of before you start. The legality of the surrounding where you shoot is important. Other than that aerial photography can seem like something unlikely to do for a first timer as the unavailability of equipment and technique so here are some tips to help you out.

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You First Ariel Photography Shoot: How to make it Awesome

The best time to get them right aerial shots is to catch the right sunlight. Like they say the best lighting does it all. For different and unique shots it’s important to shoot at the right time. The best time to shoot is around the sunrises and sunsets. Around the sunset, you can get different hues plus you won’t have fog, which will increase image saturation and contrast. People find it hard waking up for shots in the morning, but sunrises are equally pretty as the sun will be casting a cinematic golden light.

Aerial Photography tips

Choose Your Aircraft Wisely:

Choosing the right aircraft in important as it increases the likely hood of getting good shots plus a professional pilot. If you want a good and high-quality image, you should try a four-seater plane where you can work the windows for shooting easily as it will give optimal quality shots since plane windows don’t do the job. It can be done by a helicopter too. Or you can book flights that suit your needs. The biggest difference between these two modes of transport is probably the cost. It is considerably cheaper to fly in most small aircraft than it is in a helicopter

Telephoto Zoom Lens Is the Best

The first thing to look out for is the lens you need for different type of shots. If you want to shoot a wide angle with a clear picture quality telephoto zoom lens are the best. Because even while you’re flying in the aircraft at a relatively low altitude a wide range or mid-range lens don’t do the job. Telephoto zoom lens works stunningly for panoramic landscapes to close up images. They are relatively bigger in size and heavier but are definitely worth it if you want that zoomed-in the shot.

Aerial Photography tips

Fast Shutter Speed

With aerial cinematography, your first priority should be shutter speed. When you’re in an aircraft that’s moving forward you must select an option for a shutter speed to freeze the motion and help to get a clear and sharp image. You must use 1/640 second as a minimum shutter speed and for an enhanced focal length 1/1000 seconds.

Optimal Settings

With the adjustment of shutter speed, other settings revolve around that. Aperture needs to be between f/5 to f/11. Auto Focus needs to be in one shot mode while bracketing and vibration reduction settings need to stay on for a stable image. ISO settings can be compensated according to aperture and shutter speed.

Camera with High ISO Range

You’ll get a low light level even during the daytime so for that, a camera with a high ISO range does the best job. If you want a full depth in your shot with a fast shutter speed in order to avoid the flight drive from blurring your shots, you must increase the ISO on your camera. But with the increase of ISO the noise will also increase in the image and the image will get softer so you need to get a full frame camera that has a better ISO performance. A camera with a nice ISO performance will help you capture quality images without the danger of blurring it even if you use the zoom at the time of taking the shoot.

aerial photoshoot tips

Make Use of Smart Mode

Although manual mode may sound better it may be better to put your camera on autofocus so the camera itself adjusts to the environment. As there is a lot of movement inside the helicopter it’s possible you might move the focus ring out of focus and end up taking a lot of out of focus images. So putting on smart mode the camera will adjust itself to the different settings.


Selfie days are gone. People are getting crazy to capture the breathtaking sceneries and awfully awesome nature scenes. Aerial photography has revealed new dimension and with the invention of drone, anyone can do it. Drones like holy stone x400c 2018 have made aerial photography easy but the sport still itself remains difficult. It is exciting, the shots you can take and the angles you can capture, the possibilities are endless. With the right equipment and technique, anything can be done.

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