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Guide How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone and iPad on iOS 12

In this short guide, you will learn how to remove iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone or an iPad in a standard easy way. Here you will find a free method that works on the latest iOS 12. The default ways for you to bypass the iCloud Activation of your iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s, SE, 5s, 5c or iPad is very annoying and not working. Here you will learn the latest method which works very successfully.

By using a virtual DNS server, you will be able to successfully remount the iCloud activation from your Apple device free of charge. To successfully operate this method, your iPhone needs to have the latest version of iOS 12 and to modify your Wi-Fi device.

Here we will give you little information about the new iOS 12: It is envisaged that the official version of this iOS software will be released in September of autumn, we currently have only the iOS 12 beta version. This version comes with a dynamic test, a new FaceTime design, improved messaging features, and more. It is possible to have a jailbreak for ios 12 soon, but it is not yet confirmed.

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How To Remove iCloud Lock from iPhone?

This method with the DNS below is really very easy to use and works on all Apple models. It works like all other regular services in the world that it has for iCloud Unlocking. You can use your mobile device normally for surfing the web, talking, painting, sending messages, downloading applications, etc.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone and iPad on iOS 12

Now I’ll explain to you below how you will refine in a few minutes to remove the iCloud lock from our iPhone or iPad permanently.

  • You need to start the administrative part of your WiFi device and modify the DNS server at this IP address.
  • Open your iPhone and go to the last step to activate. Here you need to click on the link: Activation Help; then your mobile device will be restarted through the official website where the decoding server is.
  • Here you will be opened a separate application; choose Crash Test 1, to do the replay of things here.
  • In your WiFi Settings, you need to select “I.” Then in the HTTP proxy zone, you need to grab the “Manual” option.
  • Now in the “server” icon, you need to enter “8888” as a port zone.
  • When the startup screen appears on your phone, you need to see the Newsgroup, FaceTime. Here you need to hold the Power and Home button pressed so you can ease the processor on your iPhone.

Now what you need to do is go to the FaceTime option from your iPhone. Automatic you will flip into your iPhone, and you will have access to the last owner’s mail.

Remove iCloud Lock via official Factory Services

If you can not unlock your iCloud Locked iPhone with the above method, you can always use an Official iCloud Removal Services. That is the best way to unlock iPhones or iPad, but you need to pay, this service is not free. In this guide, we will give you brief information on how to use this method, but the decision is ultimately yours.

First, you need to go here on the official site for the Removal iCloud Activation Lock guide to see the detailed information about this method. Here you will find a service that will ask you to enter your IMEI number. After entering the IMEI code, will need to make a payment, within a few days you will receive a confirmation message that your iPhone is unlocked.

Now will need to use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer and for activation it using the iTunes tool. You will receive a confirmation email from Apple that your iPhone is unlocked, congratulations.

That is the best and the official method of removing iCloud Activation lock permanently from your mobile device.

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