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How iOS 11 brings Steve Jobs’s Vision for the iPad to life

iOS 11- For most of the Apple users, iPad is their best go-to gadget which they carry and use more often than a laptop. There’s no doubt that it is relatively handy to use but a laptop is always considered better when it comes to working with long and complex documents or wide spreadsheets.

Albeit the latest forthcoming update of iOS, that is, iOS 11 is all set to make iPad all the more powerful and better or at least equivalent to other laptops. It is said that iOS 11 will bring life to iPad like never before with all new features and capabilities which will improve the way you do things right now on your iPad. This fundamental improvement is sure to make your experience more personal and a lot more powerful as well.

Back in 2010 when Steve Jobs launched iPad, he made a bold statement: ‘The iPad will become the mobile computer of tomorrow’ which no more seems to be impossible now. He always believed in iPad’s potential to replace one’s laptop and provide a similar or certainly a better experience to its users. That early glimpse of Jobs’ vision no more seems far away from becoming a reality now.

There are many features which will be making this vision more like a reality. Some of those features include an all new dock helping you to multi- task and navigate through applications seamlessly, the new files app which will keep all files together across different services may it be on your iPad, iCloud or Dropbox.

Another prominent feature is drag and drop which allows you to move things effortlessly with just a finger. You will able to move photos, texts and files from one app to another or anywhere on the screen as simple as you can imagine. App switcher of iPad will also come in a newly designed avatar making apps change with just a swipe smartly remembering the previous combinations of apps you’ve multi- tasked with. As the feature of multi- tasking is being talked about, you should now that with this update both the apps you are multi- tasking with will stay active in slide over as well as the split view.

An all new Apple pencil will also become more useful with iOS 11 which will help you in drawing, sketching or writing easily and directly alongside the text in Notes. Not just that, with it, you will be able to write notes as and whenever you want in an instant just by tapping on the iPad locked screen.

With such set of features, iPad is all ready to take a monumental leap.

For most people, it will be more than sufficient as a laptop or PC by providing multi- tasking web browser, spreadsheets, word processing, file manager and all that it offers especially when it will be extremely easy to use.

With this much awaited launch of iOS 11, Steve Jobs’ vision might become a reality finally. It will be available later this year as a free download for the users.

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