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Tesla’s Model X earns all-around 5-star safety rating from NHTSA

Tesla added yet another new feather in their crown as their Model X SUV has recently gained 5-star safety rating by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). A 5-star rating being the highest rating to be achieved provides Tesla a proud moment by achieving it.

This particular model i.e. Model X has attained the perfect 5-star in all the categories as well as sub-categories which are tested by NHTSA. Now, Model X SUV, the luxury SUV can also be referred as the safest SUV on the roads without a doubt.

US govt testing by @NHTSAgov finds Model X to be the safest SUV in history by significant margin.
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 13, 2017

Model X was brought in market by Tesla in September, 2015. It starts at $82,500, inclusive of fees. Tesla has always loved to tout its cars by presenting the best safety features in the market. And Model X has definitely gained them more appreciation in this particular area as gaining the perfect score across the board is not something easy to attain.

This amazing safety performance is credible because of the uniquely planned design of the vehicle. Its rigid bottom mounted battery pack is spread out covering the base which puts its gravity center far lower down which results into averting the rollovers. This earns the vehicle the lowest rollover probability amongst all the SUVs on road presently. The crash test videos are also interesting to watch.

Model X SUV has achieved a whopping 93 percent probability of passengers walking away without any major injury which is commendable for any vehicle especially an SUV as no other SUV tested by NHTSA has even come close to such numbers. NHTSA not only tests the structure of vehicle but also the airbag and seatbelt system which makes the test assess the overall safety of passengers effectively.

The nine sub-categories which were rated by NHTSA included side impact, pole impact, frontal impact, rollover test and more. Achieving a 5-star rating in all these is worth appreciating and high honour for Tesla.

In fact, all the models of X variants namely 60D, 75D, 90D, P9OD along with 100D scored perfectly in all the tests conducted. The Tesla team announced the news while stating all these facts and that the Model X is second only to Model S which was tested a few years ago in overall probability of injury. Keeping in view its former models, Model 3 also has made us full of expectations.

This achievement of Model X will surely ensure high sales of it which is starting deliveries from next month as customers too are more aware and prefer to buy cars with higher safety ratings.

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