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The Best iPad Apps of 2018: Brilliant iOS Apps you should Install

Best iPad Apps of 2018: Brilliant iOS Apps you should Install- The Apple iPad is surely one of the best tablets available in the market. It’s perfect size and high resolution screen lets you play games, read texts or see the pictures without any problem. And it’s true that you can’t utilize it optimally if you do not have a good collection of apps in it. iPad apps can completely transform it without a doubt.

It’s nothing same when you’ve good apps installed in it so it is very important that you do install apps in it which seek your interest and also make sure that they are good enough. You will find a huge difference in an average and a good app. A Properly customized app gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction and tries everything in their hands to please them. A few things that a good app provides you with are great quality, amazing features and quick response.

According to Apple, there are more than a million apps dedicated for iPad worldwide. They prove to be really helpful too especially if you’ve downloaded them for a special purpose like a recipe app for helping you in cooking, the news app for knowing the everyday news etc.

So, here we are providing you with a list of best iPad apps of 2018 irrespective of any certain category so that you may also download and enjoy them.

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List of Best iPad Apps of 2018

  1. Adobe Scan

adobe scanner ipad- Best iPad Apps

You are required to use scanner many times for different reasons like while filling up the forms, when you need to show the original documents but they are not accessible to you at that time and more. And that’s when this app ‘Adobe Scan’ comes to your rescue.

Adobe Scan can be considered one of the best iPad apps as it transforms your iPad into a scanner within no time and without any efforts from your side. You are just required to open the app, click the picture of a document, select the suitable options like the format etc. and save it. That’s all and you will get the very same scanned copy as you would get by using any real scanner.

  1. Document 6

Documents 6 Best iPad Apps

Document 6 makes its way to our list of the best iPad apps of 2017 as this app manages to put together all our documents at one place. It has the ability to pull in all the documents of different formats you have on your tablet and become a combined hub for them. This feature makes it extremely easy for us to view as well as manage them.

  1. Workflow

Worflow app iPad

Workflow is one of a kind apps which makes it a must have. It enables you doing a complex work with just a tap of your finger. This app includes a number of pre- designed work flows which you can click on and get your work done in an instant. Some of the work flows it consists are:-

  • Finding the nearest bakery/ coffee shop.
  • Converting a page into a PDF file.
  • Setting up the timer.
  • Speed dialling a number.

You can always save any of the work flows to your home screen in the Workflow’s Today View Widget.

  1. Multi Timer

Multi timer ipad app

As all the Apple users must know, Apple clock offers only one timer to be used at a time. It sometimes becomes a matter of issue for people who wish to set different timers for different tasks at same time. So, Multi Timer is the app for them. This app enables you to set as many as 12 timers running at the same time.

  1. Matissa

Matissa for iPad app

Matissa is the app which can be considered an iPad counterpart of the very renowned app Prisma. Mattisa offers the very similar filters to that of Prisma. For the reasons unknown, Prisma does not have an app of its own specially designed for iPad so the users who wish to experience it on their iPad can always go for Matissa.

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps app

There’s no doubt that Google Maps is one of best apps ever. It is a feature packed app offering features like street view, saving maps offline, traffic update, finding local places etc. There’s not yet any app designed when it comes to public transportation which can beat this one.

  1. Liquid Text

Liquid text app- ios app

You might find tons of reading PDF apps on iPad but what makes it the best of all is the features it provides. Liquid Text does every bit to make the reading as simple for you as it possibly can. You get the features like comparing different passages by putting them in front of each other, collapsing the passages you are not interested to read, highlighting them different colours etc.

  1. Animatic

Animatic app for ipad

This is one app which makes the animation extremely easy for you. You can never go wrong if you love to create animations. It’s a treat not only for professional animators but also for people who just do it for fun. This makes the animation process really simple. You can start a fresh project any time and start creating animation on the canvas with the help of tools they provide to you like crayons, pencils, markers etc. And once you are done composing it, Animatic will tie it up all together and make it look as smooth as it possibly can. It also gives you the option of adjusting the speed as per your choice.

  1. Evernote

Evernote app for ipad

It’s one of the most loved and popular iPad apps when it comes to note- taking which is why it is also included in our list of the best iPad apps. It offers an easy to use interface and plenty of features which make the note- making the process really simple and effective. You can also share your notes across platforms with the help of options it provides to you.

  1. Netflix

Netflix app on iPad

Who doesn’t know and love the Netflix? The Netflix app on iPad makes it really easy for you to scroll through its vast library on iPad as well. It makes it possible for you to enjoy your favourite movie or show on the go without making you comprise much on the screen size.

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