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How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad- Getting the pop up of not having enough space every time you click a picture or try to download an app can be quite irritating. But this nightmare is a reality for many Apple users, especially who are using the 16 GB storage device.

You might get a temporary solution by removing a few pictures or couple of songs from your phone but soon you’ll be able to see that scary pop up again. So, how to free up space on your iPhone or iPad?

cannot take photo pop up memory full

Well, there are some ways by following which you can free up space on your Apple device. You might follow one or two of them if you do not want much space to be created or else all of them if you really want your device to be congestion free.

These ways are:-

  • Managing the Apps

manage apps iphone

The foremost step you should take in order to free up space on your iPhone or iPad is to manage the apps installed on it. In order to manage storage, open Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

As we need to free up space on the device itself, we’ll just focus on the storage of phone and not the iCloud. Once, you’ve opened Manage Storage, you will be able to see the list of all the apps installed on your iPhone or iPad along with the storage they are taking. Consider deleting the apps you do not use anymore and check what’s making them occupy this much of space.

Fortunately, now you can also delete the apps which come pre- installed on an iPhone or iPad like keynote, stocks, watch, find friends and more. So, you can also delete them and free up some space.

  • Delete messages which are not important

Many times, you don’t even notice the messages which are being stocked up on your device since forever. You should surely check them, messages once important to might not hold any value at present times. It might seem petty to you but when combined together, messages also can take quite a bit of space so it’s high time that you delete them now.

Also, in order to not let your iPhone/ iPad stock up these messages again, you can select the keep messages option for 30 days instead of forever.

message expiration iphone

You should also not forget about iMessage when deleting the messages as iMessage take even more space than the normal. So, always keep a check on them as well and consider deleting iMessage pictures or gifs time to time.

  • Turn off the photo stream

turn off photo stream in iphone

Another thing which you can do so as to free up space on your iPhone/ iPad is to turn off the photostream. When photo stream is turned on, your pictures automatically get synced in on your all other iCloud devices and vice versa. You should not store up same pictures on all your devices as it does nothing but just take up your space. You already have these pictures on your other devices so relax and turn off the photo stream to free up space in future as well.

  • Check the setting of Photos & Camera

For most people, Photos & Camera is the place which is taking the most space on their iPhone/ iPad. This definitely calls for your attention. You can make some changes in the settings as well as delete the unwanted photos in order to free up some space.

The changes which you can make in settings for making space:-

  1. Turn off the Burst Photos as clicking a number of photos instead of one will, of course, take a lot more space.
  2. Turn off the Keep Normal Photo for when taking the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo or Portrait Mode photo (in iPhone 7 plus). When it’s turned on, both the photos are saved on your device i.e. the normal photo as well as the HDR/ Portrait Mode photo which takes up double space.keep normal photos off iphone
  3. You can also prefer recording the videos on lower quality as obviously HD videos take more space than low quality ones.

low resolution video free up space in iphone

  • Timely clear the Notes

delete notes iphone

People usually tend to forget about the notes when trying to free up space on their iPhone/ iPad. So, consider deleting the notes which are no more of any use to you.

  • Consider updating your iOS (if lesser than 10.3)

iOS 10 iphone software update

Many people claim that updating their iPhone or iPad to iOS has left a lot of free space on their device without even deleting anything. This surely is a good news and therefore, you should definitely consider updating your iOS version in case it’s lesser than 10.3 currently.

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