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Russia hindrance the China’s WeChat!

In WeChat payment service, the user has to register with the bank account details in the app can use the app for the pay bill, order and goods service, transfer money to the other users and pay in stores if the stores accept the WeChat payment option. WeChat Pay is a digital wallet, it integrates with the WeChat which support the users to send money to their friends and make mobile payments.

Messaging features and official account

The user can acquire balance from the credit card by linking the app to the credit card users only make payment to the vendors and can’t use the balance for the top up. In the Chinese New Year, they have the traditional activity to share their money with the friends and family members, WeChat also provides the option as virtual red envelopes to share. This feature allows the user to share to the contacts and groups as gifts. This red envelope feature gradually increases the WeChat adoption among the Chinese. If the users maintain an official account, they can be as a platform for services such as hospital pre-registration, credit card service, and visa renewal.

Moments also one of the features of the WeChat allows the feature to feed updates such as post images, post comment, share web-based music to their friends and their contacts. This feature directly links to the Facebook and Twitter so it shares the updates on those social media. In a moment the users privacy is an essential one, if the users set as privacy then it will share to the mentioned contacts. He/she can create a group to share the update, for example, the high school friends can’t see the updates of the university friends.

WeChat is called as Weixin in China, is the most eminent messaging app in the World, with eight hundred eighty-nine millions of global active users. As well as messaging, it offers ride-hailing service, payment, even laundry service and more other services. It helps the users to lead day to day life easy without any difficult to move from one place to another place and other private services.

Though WeChat was the late comer in the instant messaging platform, it got a unique place over worldwide. In 2017, the WeChat has not been successful in penetration international markets other than China. WeChat provides instant message service, told-talk voice messaging, video games, sharing photographs and videos, video conferencing, broadcast messaging (one-to-many), and location sharing. It can integrate with the other social networking sites like Facebook and TecentQQ.

In instant messaging service, it supports various features like voice messages, text messages, stickers and walkie talkie. The users can share their lucky money packages, coupons, previously saved a photo and current GPS location with the friends either individual or in group chats. WeChat’s character sticker named as Tuzki, compete with the Japanese messaging application called Line.

Internet Sovereignty

Chinese internet authorities put an obstacle to the foreign tech companies from entering its market or enormously difficult to operate, in the name of promoting ‘internet sovereignty’. It is the effort of governing entity such as a state or country, to create boundaries on a network and then deploy to form a control. Then, they are often in the form of law enforcement and over those boundaries. These governing bodies also invoke the sole power to control within the boundaries as they set. The main intention is to control the network in the boundary limit of the states. They are seeking to control the flow of the information into and within the boundaries.

Claims of Roskomnadzor

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s internet regulator published a list of prohibited online service that included the Chinese popular messaging app, WeChat and added that they were in touch with the authorities to resolve issues. Russian regulations say the online service providers have to register with the government but the WeChat have doesn’t same understanding. Some users in the Russia reported they could not use an app usually. Tencent official microblog reported apologized to the affected users.

The messaging service did not provide its contact information for the register of the information distribution organization said by a spoke person from Russia’s telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor. Added that Blackberry Messenger and Line put on the list of banned for the same reason. In 2014, Russia passed the law, according to that law the foreign messaging service, social networking sites and search engine to store the personal data of the Russians users inside Russia.

Sites which break the law are added to the blacklist and the internet providers are compelled to block access to those websites. The law instigates criticism from the internet companies but entered in 2015 with professional networking site LinkedIn blocked after it was found to broken the law. The Great Firewall of China blocked some Western websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter with a vast control of the network and block the political sensitive messages by placing a sensor on the server. Tencent becomes most popular firm in China beating the state-owned telecom behemoth China Mobile and nearly reaching half of Apple valuation.

WeChat peer on expansion

WeChat is teaming with a Silicon Valley start-up to introduce its payment system to the United States. It is owned by the Tencent company in China will partner with the mobile payment firm Citcon, to bring its payment service to the American market reported by the China Daily. It helps the Chinese visitor to the United States to make payment without the cash on hand by using the renminbi.

The Chief Executive Officer of Citcon Chuck Huang warmly welcomed the partnership with WeChat saying that in the previous year hundred millions of Chinese people traveling outside the China. If they see this place can WeChat pay to accept, at the same they can use the mobile phones? They feel happy welcome from the foreign countries. WeChat Pay is currently available in fifteen countries and regions, in twelve different currencies covering the payment.

WeChat pay and its competitor Alipay were already a presence in the dozens of the market including both the developed countries and developing countries. After a glance in the European countries, then launch the payment service in The United States. It also set up an office in Italy and the United Kingdom is also get ready as soon. Due to its overseas expansion, huge investment is needed to start an office in the United States, so it concentrates on the Chinese traveler first.


The Chinese get the huge support from the messaging platform through the WeChat, which provide several features for their better and easy life. In past few years, it took steps for the expansion of the overseas payment to penetrate in the international market. It got success in the Europe countries to launch the overseas payment in the offline stores. Alipay, WeChat’s rival in China of Alibaba’s production, has engaged in the similar way of the world expansion.

In this year one hundred thousand offline stores support Alipay across twenty-five countries in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and East Asia. According to the data of the company, the overseas payment increases tripled year-on-year. The operator of the Alipay just made the investment in United States Dollar of two hundred investments in Kakao Pay. Though WeChat has many millions of the users than another messaging app, Russia blocks WeChat access in its country due to the disobedience of its law. But WeChat keeps on increasing its user’s count by implementing features according to the need of the people.

source: shangaiist.com

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