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Supreme Court Guaranteed an Agreement that WhatsApp Consumers are not implicating

When we share information with a large crowd it is important that it is from an authentic source. At present we can see that on the social media platforms and WhatsApp the information shared are irrelevant and is not from an authentic source. So, there is a new update from WhatsApp stating that if information is shared which is not from the right source. Then the person would be put behind the bars.

The gigantic messaging service WhatsApp is the most popular, messaging services globally with more than billion users. Recently, Supreme Court requested the government to make a confirmation that one hundred and sixty million users are not involved in any means by the service providers like WhatsApp which is contributing free services to the folks who are using it for a long time. It also has requested the court that it was involved in the process of evolving an organization on the data protection.  The state has the foremost duty to safeguard the citizen’s rights. There are many free service providers such as WhatsApp and Facebook and the state has to ensure that about one hundred and sixty million folks who are utilizing the service and who are involved in it.


The bench who is hearing the fundamentals of WhatsApp is also given a major query whether the gigantic messaging service can point out any condition on its consumers who disobeyed any part of the constitution. While questioning the WhatsApp, the world has reacted to its current privacy policy and the bench exclaimed that no one wants to share the data entirely.

The major issue is that WhatsApp has constructed a policy inviting the folks for the major concern of utilizing the service. On this new atmosphere, whether the folks can impose the condition which breaches any part of the constitution. These statements were given by the bench to the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp. A senior advocate named KK Venugopal who was representing Facebook opposed the bench that they were not sharing any sensitive data and since India was moving on to the digitization policy and the service provided by the gigantic messaging services was a beneficial one as it was completely encrypted one.

He also added an extra statement that the privacy laws in most of the countries and it is a matter where the decision should be taken by the government. On the other side of the flip, the Centre reported the apex court which would hear the matter in the coming month and they were in the process of making a regulatory administration in order to deal with major problems. At the initial stage, the central government is totally committed to the right to the privacy of citizens. This is a nonnegotiable one and they are in the process of the doing the regular administrations. These statements were added by the Solicitor General Tushar Mehta.

He also opposed the bench that they are in the process of making either a legal rule or executive guidelines which give more importance for the data protection. Then on another day hearing, another senior advocate exclaimed that there was no any legal framework in order to deal with the problems. He also added that the rules have a complete framework with an issue that has been raised. Adding to that matter of the policy he gave a statement that his submission is not a maintainable one. They e are also adhere to the provisions of the protocols which were in place in India.

Another senior advocate named KV Vishwanathan presenting the Internet Freedom Foundation exclaimed that the rules would apply to both WhatsApp and Facebook but the whole issue including the list of the social media was not subjected to the apex court. The Bench reported that the rules describe that it has to be a consent one if they are sharing the sensitive personal data. Suppose the agreement is not taken effectively then what is the need for the constitutional court. Again responding to the query the senior counsel replied that they were not collecting ant personal or sensitive data including contact numbers, Identification of the device, the registration details etc were broadcasted. The above details are totally non sensitive one and the neutral data and there is no any necessity for the consent data.

Whether any Security bug found in WhatsApp?

A recent report says that in San Francisco that a flaw is revealed that could let the invader crack into WhatsApp or the telegram chatting profiles using the encryption concept is intended to protect the messages.  An alert message was given to Facebook and also the Telegram waiting until the susceptibility was spotted before knowing to everyone. There was no correct specification for the messaging accounts which were at risk. A flaw posed a threat to the millions of users operating the messaging platform from the web browsers on the computers and the laptops which were a great contemporary to that of the mobile applications.

The new vulnerability has imposed millions of Web users which include both WhatsApp and Telegram at the risk stage which is the most threatening one for the folks. By simply sending a normal picture, an intruder could gain the overall control over the profile, access chat history and all the pictures that were ever shared and send the chats on the presence of the consumer. The susceptibility made it easier for an attacker to trap the digital image with the help of the malignant code that could change into action after the photo is clicked on for viewing.

The vicious code that can hack a profile and expand itself like a virus by sending the infected data to those listed as the contacts. The WhatsApp and Telegram use the end to end encryption concept constructed in a unique manner so that the senders and the receivers can see what it is in the messages. The privacy protection had an issue because of averting the services from being able to detect whether the message information which includes the malicious data. As a remedy, both of the services were shifted to find and block the viruses before the messages are encrypted. The Telegram has claimed about hundred millions of users but it is often it is pointed as a preferred communication gadget of jihadists because of the encryption on order to keep the messages from the control of the concerned people.

Recently in London, the instant messaging app WhatsApp encountered an interruption with the consumers across the globe reporting the issues accessing the service. The issues with the WhatsApp are used by one billion people globally including the sending and the receiving messages. According to a recent report, hundreds of folks complained the interruption from Malaysia to Spain.

Some of the users took to Twitter saying that they would move to the rival messaging services because of the often disruption in a shorter period of time. About fifty-six percent of the time was related to the connection issues while around thirty-two percent of the problems were related to that of the folks who said about the trouble in receiving the messages. The Folks in Germany and some other European countries also reported the problem. The affected folks had posted the breakdown cases on the social media. Most of them reported the issues were solved later on. Most of the affected countries included Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

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