Home Celebrities Salman Khan Acquitted in Hit and Run Case Of 2002| Lucky Day for Him and Fans

Salman Khan Acquitted in Hit and Run Case Of 2002| Lucky Day for Him and Fans

So a great news for the fans of Salman Khan, Salman Khan has already got his Birthday present in advance. On 10th December, Bombay High Court Judiciary gave the verdict on 2002 Hit and Run Case on Salman Khan. And Guess what he got Free from the Charges as the opposition Lawyer was not able to prove that it was Salman Khan who was drying the Vehicle. So let’s go through the point that was considered to be the base of Judiciary Decision. Salman Khan acquitted in Hit and Run case decision postmortem.

Salman Khan Acquitted in Hit and Run Case Of 2002

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Salman Khan Acquitted in Hit and Run Case Of 2002

Every fan, Friends and Salman family is really happy to hear the decision taken by Bombay High Court. Friends and Family are celebrating as this case has become a headache for the Family and Salman Khan. Every next month we would be hearing Salman Khan went to Court for his Hit and Run Case. But now those days are over, and Salman Khan can completely focus on his movie i.e., Sultan and many more. So here are 10 biggest points that changed the decision in Favour our Salman Khan.

Salman Khan Acquitted in Hit and Run Case Of 2002

  1. The prosecution failed to establish the guilt of the accused and this needs to be done beyond the reasonable doubt.
  2. Faulty Investigation, many loose ends were there.
  3. The prosecution has not brought any material evidence to prove physically about the Drunk and Driving
  4. The trial court erred in accepting bills (of Rain Bar and Restaurant where Salman had gone before the incident) without a ‘panchnama‘ or record of observation by at least five people. The way evidence was collected suggests fabrication.
  5. Singer Kamal Khan should have been questioned about the accident, who was present in the car with Salman Khan.
  6. It is the duty of the court to analyse the evidence submitted to it and to see that the offence is proved beyond reasonable doubt.
  7. The appreciation of evidence done by the trial court while convicting the appellant was not proper and legal, as per the principles of criminal jurisprudence.
  8. This is not a case where the prosecution has successfully established its charges. The entire evidence of the prosecution was circumstantial in nature.

Salman Khan Acquitted in Hit and Run Case Of 2002

So here is why Salman Khan acquitted in Hit and Run case. So was this “The Justice” or “Was an Influential Decision” no one knows. But now the Question arises, who was Driving the Car? Who is guilty for the death of the people? These questions are still unanswered and it seems, it will take forever for the Court, CBI and Maharashtra Police to find out.

But whatever the case may be. Salman Khan is free now. Salman Khan, his family and friends are celebrating for the big win. And his fans too are happy about the court decision. After the announcement of the verdict, Salman Fans gathered around Salman Khan house and showed their happiness.

We pray that he gets free from some more cases that are charged on him soon. And Happy Birthday Salman Khan in Advance as he got the gift. Now we are waiting for the Return Gift, the movie Sultan.

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