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Top 10 World’s Biggest Technology Brand- By Revenue

Here is the list of the top 10 world’s largest technology brands by revenue. It includes those companies whose primary business activities are related with technology trade which has companies whose primary business activities are related with technology industry which includes component, computer hardware, software, electronics,  telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. So Let’s Start with the Top 10 World’s Biggest Technology Brand.

Top 10 World’s Biggest Technology Brand

Before I start with the Top 10 World’s Biggest Technology Brand here is an important note about them.

Important Note: The list is limited to firms with annual revenues extraordinary  50 billion USD.


Top 10 World's Biggest Technology Brand

A fabulous name and a glimpse upon the company by the whole technical business is Apple. Since 1976, the world supported the progress of the company ranging from its launch of iMac to iPod to iPhone. Every year Apple’s annual growth is 30 pct. Apple it’s so their innovative technological discoveries that build the complete the most profitable company on earth.

2. GOOGLETop 10 World's Biggest Technology Brand.

‘Google it’ – a phrase that the PC user alliance has concerned in the world. The person started the journey as a computer program and is these days into advertising and productivity tools similarly. Occupying a complete of 72pct of search engine trade, Google started creating real cash  when the launch of their ‘adwords’ that became an aspect to the massive volume of information for users.


Top 10 World's Biggest Technology Brand.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen found the  American MNC Microsoft which has been most preferred selection for customers over a long time. Similar as Apple and Google,  the stock record of Microsoft reaching $620billion in 1999. During the 90s, the initial desktop was entered by the Microsoft in the world.

4. IBM


IBM markets computer system peripherals, hosting or consultation solutions and social and technological attributes. The corporate has attained fame like second largest firm by Fortune or the one with the highest range of 20 patent systematically. The most accepted and admired discoveries that stunned the world were automatic teller machine (ATM), Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Universal Product Code (UPC), magnetic  tape card, SQL and artificial intelligence.


Top 10 World's Biggest Technology Brand.

The largest South Korean business clustered has a cluster in fields like food process, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. Its success story undoubtedly weaves from its electrical equipment. The corporate launched its initial set of advertisements in 2011 and won 76pct profit by the top of the future year. It’s the sole company once Apple witnessing a big financial hike from the cell phone division.


Top 10 World's Biggest Technology Brand.

An acknowledged e-commerce champion was started its journey by  Jeff Bezos and his mini crew, the founders of company packed books overnights to achieve up to the flow of orders they received Nowadays their products cover a large range of electronic product, clothing, art and décor and many more. Their affordable price structure and worth proposition to customers had created them witness this unbelievable market gains.


Top 10 World's Biggest Technology Brand

The leaders within the microprocessor  trade, this one has not allowed any competition to require away their market share. They are additionally the most important chip manufacturers on the world platform. Their mass selling strategy since the 1990s and 2000s makes a universal home selection for laptop users.



Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American MNC technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, which works as manufactures and sells networking equipment. The stock was additional to the Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 8, 2009.



Among the highest notch software developers, Oracle has been continuing to stay by its name. A venture by computer programmers Larry Ralph Ellison and Bob miner  in 1977 these days makes them count as the most effective corporations within the technical sectors. According to the requirement of the market,  the first company was Oracle company who launch RDBMS in 1982. Additionally, more discoveries include MySQL, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Collaboration suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

10. HP


Two friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started the business with an audio generator as a product. After some time, their discovery and success continuing with electronic equipment receiving the most success. Additionally,  they  are very successful in the print machine market. The company  had $100 billion revenue and 200,000 staff as of 2007.

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