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Shame on Humanity: 28 Days Old Baby Allegedly Raped by 25 year Old Man

Yes, this news is 100% true. You are not able to believe this, but you have to believe. This has what humanity has come to now. A 28 days old baby was raped in the city of Bullandshahr in UP. A small infant child who just opened her eyes became a victim of 25 Year old Man. Maybe calling him a Man will be disgraceful to the Man society. But yes it is true. Here is what the police file says about this 28 Days Old Baby Rape By 25-year-old Man.

28 Days Old Baby Rape- Humanity Torn Apart

This 28 Days Old baby Rape scene is disgusting as it sounds. The parents of the infant baby went to give the Votes for the Gram Pradhan Elections in their Village. When they came back from the election booth. They found their little angel in agony and bleeding.

This incident happened on Saturday i.e., 5th December 2015. Then God knows what her parents was doing, she was taken to Government Hospital on 6th December on Sunday. The government Doctor referred the baby to Higher Care Centre after seeing her condition.

28 Days Old Baby Rape

Now, according to the police, the culprit of this Inhuman behaviour is Namino (25 Years old). This person is from the same village Asif Nagla, under Khurja Dehat Police Station. And Namino is on the run now and will be caught soon.

But the Question arises. Is this inhumanity is accepted in India? Shouldn’t something serious must be done about this? According to me, the guy should be hanged in the Public place with all his private parts being separated from his body. It’s time for real Justice.

Now talking about some of the comments we have heard before from famous person on any rape case. This infant was not wearing any short skirts, nor she was roaming with guys. So Who is responsible for this. To conclude the UP Government don’t have any idea about this Incident happening in their state.

This 28 days old baby rape incident should open the minds of every citizen in the world. This is the most inhuman and horrifying way to end 2015.

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