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Top 10 Breaking News of 30th November 2015 by EduMovLive

Lets start with Top 10 Breaking News of 30th November. These Top 10 Breaking news are compiled from various news channels. And sorted to top 10 to make it easier for you to get the trending news of the day.

Top 10 Breaking News of 30th November 2015:

Here is the list of top 10 breaking news updates with short description-

Breaking News 1: Paris Attack Suspect May be In Syria

Everyone mourned for the Paris Attack on November 13th, 2015. But they might have stopped thinking about the What happened to those who attacked Paris? There was a suspect named Abdeslam. So here is a recent news from the sources about the Paris terror attack suspect, that he may be in Syria.

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Top 10 Breaking News

Breaking News 2: The 15-year-old kid Suing Obama over climate change

You would be amazed to see, that who is this kid. He is just 15 and playing with the big guns (President Obama). The long-haired, hip-hop-savvy Coloradan is one of 21 young activists who joined climate scientist James Hansen in suing the Obama administration for failing to ditch fossil fuels.

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Top 10 Breaking News

Breaking News 3: The world’s tallest tower reaching 1 kilometer into the sky- Saudi Arabia

Burj Khalida, the world tallest building will be put to challenge by the new Sky Scraper that would be built by Saudi Arabia. OnceSaudi Arabia succeeds in its plans to construct the even larger Jeddah Tower, a project of $1.23 million will be captured.

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Breaking News 3: Palestinian Boy Murdered and 2 Israeli teens convicted of murdering

After founding the murderers of Palestinian Boy, the Jerusalem court did not identify the convicted murderers because they are minors. There was a third killer as well- an adult named Yosef Haim Ben-David — was also found responsible, but his judgment has been temporarily suspended.

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Breaking News 4: An “imminent” Afghanistan terror attack warned to Americans in Kabul

Every nation is trying to secure the Country after the recent attack on Paris. And now U.S. has got some imminent threat for all the troops and officials in the Afghanistan. All the Americans in Kabul have been warned about the threat.
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Top 10 Breaking News

Breaking News 5: China’s levitating cars solved- The Mystery Cracked

Recently, there was a video that was shared by thousands. This video showed three cars lifting up, getting tossed about by some unseen force at a busy intersection. The Case has been solved and it was found that a cable was tangled in a Street cleaner.

Breaking News 6: Ghostly ships filled with dead bodies arrive on Japan’s shores

This would come as a shock, but its a true news. Japan’s Coast Guard told, “Over the past two months, at least eight wooden boats have been found in the Sea of Japan on or near the coast, carrying a chilling cargo — the decaying bodies of 20 people”.

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Top 10 Breaking News

Breaking News 7: “Human Head Transplant will happen in Two Years” An Italian Neurosurgeon

Now the days seems near when Human Head Transplant will be possible. Itallian Neurosurgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero stated, “We are approaching HEAVEN (an acronym for head anastomosis venture; anastomosis is surgically connecting two parts). The pieces are coming together but there are still many hurdles to jump.”

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Top 10 Breaking News

Breaking News 8: What happens when you go without sugar for 10 days?

You would love to know about loosing weight. How can you loose weight? Or get your body in shape. Dr. Robert Lustig and his team at University of California, San Francisco, decreased triglyceride levels by 33 points on average. The LDL cholesterol dropped 5 points, as did diastolic blood pressure when you go without sugar for 10 days.

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Top 10 Breaking News

Breaking News 9: 100 Yr record broken, wreaks havoc in Chennai

The record has been broken for the Rain in Chennai. Rain returned to Chennai overnight on Sunday and continued on Monday. The showers took the total rainfall in the city in November to 119.73cm till midnight on Monday, breaking the 1918 record of 108.8cm, till now the highest on record.

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Breaking News 10: Omar, “Intolerance a blot; BJP-PDP sidelining core issues in J&K”.

Omar has finally commented on the Intolerance and called a plot BJP-PDP sideling Core issues in J&K.

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Sources of the news: CNN, Express UK, NYTimes, Fox News, CTVNews, Times of India

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