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Top Gift ideas for Tea Lover: Unique and Surprising Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Gift ideas for Tea Lover We make friends over drinks!  and if the drink is tea, the friendship lasts long as tea partners often go a long way. Sipping a cup of masala tea in rainy weather seems to be the most ideal situation when you are with a friend. It is a surreal experience and the rains make it overwhelming. Having savoury along with the hot cup of tea makes it all the tastier. Although for a tea lover every cup of tea is special, the cup they have with a friend or a group of friends from a local tea stall becomes a memory. From the college days, till the time friends grow up, the tea stall often sees many stories, breakups, makeups and amazing get together, full of fun and frolic. This gradually becomes a memory and but for the genuine tea lover, this memory remains fresh in the mind. It is a natural thing to visit the same tea stall and recall the college days and the stories that happened there and when you remember that one friend who was invariably your tea partner, you have the sudden urge to meet him/her.

Top Gift ideas for Tea Lover:

Well if you can meet, then nothing like it, but if you can’t, you can certainly send a gift that he/she is bound to call you back as nostalgia sets in. Here are few gift ideas for Tea Lovers:

  1. Send old college pictures: Collect all those memories and create a collage. Frame it and you are good to go. Over the glass, frame draw a hot cup of tea on one corner of the frame and caption it as Tea Memories! It won’t take a second for your friend to recall you and the days spent with you over the cup of tea. Well, college days are always like that, full of intense memories. Send flowers along with this frame that will uplift the mood of the recipient. A small bunch of gerberas in assorted colours will do wonders to the mood of your tea lover friend. They are bound to create memories again and will make the recipient very happy.

college days memories

  1. Send a book: Pick a good book for the tea lover friend of yours and send it across. Tea lovers usually like to spend time reading books over a cup of tea. This is an ideal combination and is independent of any weather and situation. It has its own charm that only a tea lover can understand. Reading over a large mug of tea is certainly a very romantic idea where you romanticize your cup of tea and the book along. Besides this, use a good online international florist and send some flowers along with the book. Flowers always add the tenderness and has the power to strengthen relationships, so find that address and pick a great read for your friend. This surprise will surpass all other surprises as it is just with a context of a common love for tea and no other occasion.

book with tea

  1. A set of two Mugs: A tea Lover is usually possessive about his/her cup in which tea is served. If you know the choice, then go ahead and buy a wonderful set of two tea mugs. These tea cups usually come in a wonderful packing with ribbons tied around and some also have a heart or a bow shape over the box. These embellishments make the gift a little more dramatic and do some DIY, by pasting a small old picture of your friend. This picture over the cups will take you back to the memory lane.

set of two tea mugs

Take a pick and impress the tea lover in your life!

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