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10 Best Places to Visit in Rishikesh | Tourist Attractions in Rishikesh

10 Best Places to Visit in Rishikesh– Looking for tourist attractions in Rishikesh? Here we have listed 10 best places to visit in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Rishikesh is the place to rejuvenate the calmness and beauty of religious elites in one’s heart. The tranquillity and peacefulness of this place will leave you spell-bound and will make you understand why this place sacredly known as the ashram and is among the best religious tourist place in India.

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Tourist Attractions- 10 Best Places to Visit in Rishikesh:

The place is sacred and holy at the same time, where many holy rivers find its way, and is known as Search Ashram of India and is renowned as the city which is wholly known as a studying centre for yoga and meditation.

  1. Triveni Ghat- This place is a divine place where tourists come to offset their sins since it is a riverfront site for religious activities. Here, the holy river Ganga is worshipped and one can solely enjoy the Ganga Aarti, which provides serene and spiritual echo apart from the dimmed life of the people.

2. Parmarth Niketan- It is one of the largest ashrams as situated in Rishikesh, which is open at all times in daytime which provides around thousand rooms and is a pious place which people should visit while travelling to this alluring place. It provides its thousands of pilgrims who come from all corners of the Earth. With a clean, pure and sacred atmosphere as well as abundant beautiful gardens which provides a sightseeing beauty to the visitors.This place is wholly famous for yoga, meditation, spirituality, Ayurveda and ancient Indian sciences.

The most sightseeing view here is the Ganga Aarti at the ghat of Parmarth Niketan during sunsets.

3. Neer Garh Waterfall- It is the other most unexplored place in the list of places to visit in Rishikesh and provides divine peace in the arms of spiritualism and indicates as a lovely waterfall at the end of a 20-minute hike that starts 2 km straight from the Laxman Jhula. This is the most popular spot for the trek and sheds as a popular trekking spot near Rishikesh but on the other hand, it is a risky spot since the access is a bit tough through roads since the roads are too narrow to access more than one vehicle at the same time. This place is among the best tourist attractions in Rishikesh due to the series of waterfalls which is broadly offered as an offspring of Neer Garh waterfalls, in the silent valleys of the spirituality.

4. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is one of the best attractions in Rishikesh and is among the most important shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. In Hindu mythology, this temple too has a hidden fact that Lord Shiva drank venom on the exact spot that originated after the churning of the ocean by the devas and asuras in order to obtain the amrita or the exile of life. This place is holy among the religious best attractions in Rishikesh, which need to be explored by the visitors, to rejuvenate the aura of the place.

5. Lakshman Jhula is one of the main religious attractions in Rishikesh. This place is a sacred place which has many hidden religious stories.It is famous for pilgrimage, bridges and rivers. According to Hinduism, this bridge is built in the same place where Lord Rama, brother Laxmana crossed with the help of jute rope and hence people feel that this place has some spiritual essence which drives this place under the top 10 best places to visit in Rishikesh.

lakshman jhula rishikesh

6. Devprayag is the other popular and among the unexplored places near Rishikesh. This place is a beautiful blend of pilgrimage and adventure sports and has enormous hidden religious facts, which offers the high degree of religious connectivity to this place. It is a place which is not only solely sheds religious impact and is popular only for pilgrimage, sages and saints, but even it provides white-water rafting which is eye-catching and moreover offers mystical experience to the visitors too to explore some adventurous sights. This place is at the confluence of the tributaries of the river Ganga near Raghunath Temple in Rishikesh.

devprayag rishikesh

7  Rajaji National Park- It is another great place to allure the rich biodiversity in Uttarakhand and situated in between the Shivalik ranges and Indo -Gangetic plains and represents India’s oldest ecosystem. It is the second largest reserve which offers the white tiger in Uttarakhand and even the enormous range of flora and breathtaking fauna too. The deep dense forests give you an ideal outlook for wildlife sanctuary in India. This place is exclusively known as the myriad of animals.

rajaji national park rishikesh

8. Jumpin Heights is one of the best tourists attractions in Rishikesh and is the best and completely adventure lover place. It is a famous site for fun and adventure enthusiast and even provides a best and attractive platform for Bungee over the Hall of river Ganga. It offers various activities and has the high-experienced team from New Zealand and offers such a wide range of spectacular activities such as bungee jumping, zip line and giant swing. It is the best place to revive your urge for adventure sports.

Jumpin Heights rishikesh

9. Rishikund is the other famous tourist and best attractions in Rishikesh, which offers this place with a new serene offering and helps this place to fall among the best holy and sacred place in Rishikesh. It is a holy pond as located near Raghunath temple in Rishikesh and it is said by the Hindu philosophers that this is the place which is solely blessed with the Goddess  Yamuna by filling the pond with its sacred water  and the most relishing and interesting thing about this sacred pond is that it reflects the image of Lord Rama and Sita.

Rishikund has around ten steps from all four sides and it receives a fair shadow just like canopy from large trees nearby. Since it is a calm place which attracts the tourists to relax and rejuvenate themselves in the midst of daily routine.

On the whole, one can conclude that Rishikesh is one of the must-visit places of most tourists and offers a vibrant gateway among Indians and international tourists alike. The places near Rishikesh are a perfect amalgamation of hill stations, trekking sports and adventure sports. It is a place that showcases the beauty of a place and offers an unforgettable experience to the travellers too. It is known as a home to untold Hindu Myth stories, caves and caverns dating back to the olden days.

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