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10 WhatsApp Tricks for Android, PC, IOS You Must Know

WhatsApp Tricks- Millions of people from all over the world are using WhatsApp. People are aware about almost all features of WhatsApp. But there are some WhatsApp Tricks you must know about. In this article of EduMovLive.com, we will twll you 10 amazing WhatsApp tricks, lots of people didn’t know till now.

10 WhatsApp Tricks:

1. WhatsApp Web:

Sometimes it is difficult for people when they are handling more than one thing at a time so they can use Whatsapp web. They can connect their WhatsApp with their laptops or desktop if you have installed chrome in it.  To connect WhatsApp with your system first make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet. Now go to the link of web.whatsapp.com. There a QR code will  appear to the scan. Then tap the ‘+’ button to add a new connection, scan the QR Code.Then your WhatsApp chats will open at your web browser

 WhatsApp Tricks- WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Tricks- WhatsApp Web

2. Starred Messages

If there is any important message  in any unnecessary message chat with someone or in any group chat then you can mark it as the star.

In Android phone, tap and hold on the message which you want to mark as star icon. On iOS double tap on any message and tap on the star icon to mark it. This is very similar to starred emails on a Gmail account.To see the starred messages, on Android, simply tab the menu section from the upper right of the screen and enter starred message section.

whatsapp tricks- WhatsApp Tricks- WhatsApp Web

3. Add conversation shortcut

When you talk regularly with anyone or any one of your beloved, and recent text messages of other users accumulate over it,  and again look for the same chat is  time taking. Then here is the solution for this problem.

Simply tap and hold on the chat then a pop-up will open, and in the pop-up select ‘Add conversation shortcut’. So that the user will appear on your screen and when you click on it, you will directly reach to chat window with that person.

WhatsApp Tricks
WhatsApp Tricks

4. Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp automatically creates the backup of your chats. But you can also do this manually in your phones.

In Android phone to create the backup, go to the  Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations. So it will create the backup of your chat. But this not create  the backup of your media, so you have to use a file manager to copy the media folders in /sd card/WhatsApp/Media.

You can also one more method to restore a backup for this you have to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. During reinstallation, you should be asked to restore your most recent backup. Just follow the procedure and your chats should all be back. WhatsApp makes backup of your chat every day on 2 AM.

WhatsApp Tricks- Restore and Backup
WhatsApp Tricks- Restore and Backup

5. Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

If you want to change your WhatsApp number without change your phone then there is  need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp to change numbers. There is also the settings available onWhatsApp that you can change the phone number

For this go to the  Settings > Account > Change number. First fill the old phone number in the top space and then the new phone number in the below space. Then tap Done. Verify your new phone number, and all your chat history, groups and so on will connect with the new number.

Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number
Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

6. Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp

By default, WhatsApp shows a “last seen” at the time, which tell other users the last time you were online on WhatsApp. Some people want to hide the last seen, for privacy reasons.  So  you can do this on both iOS and Android phones.

For iOS user, first you  have to go to the  Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced and set Last Seen Timestamp to Off.

For an Android user, go to  Settings < Privacy < Last Seen < Nobody.

Hide "Last Seen" Timestamp
Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp

7. Stop WhatsApp Images from Appearing In Gallery

The WhatsApp images  appear in your Gallery, sometimes some images are private, or you  don’t want to show these images in your Gallery. You can stop this on both iOS and Android.

For iOS users go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and then turn the WhatsApp switch off.

For an Android user, you have to create a .nomedia file in WhatsApp’s images or video directories.

Stop WhatsApp Images from Appearing In Gallery
Stop WhatsApp Images from Appearing In Gallery

8. Send and share pdf, doc, excel files in Whatsapp.

Sometimes, we need to send some doc, pdf files to our contacts. So now there is one option is available i.e. Document which appears on the top left side when you share something with one. So now you can also share the documents with the help of WhatsApp

9. Hide or Remove Blue Ticks from Whatsapp on Android- Disable Read Receipt:

Blue Tick shows that a sent message has been successfully delivered and read by the recipient. This is the good feature of WhatsApp because by this feature you can even know that your message had been read by the user. But sometime user don’t want to become a part of matter and did not want to reply after reading the message. In this situation go to the Settings < Messaging <Read Receipt. Tick this section. This will turn off the read receipt. Then you will not able to see read receipt from other people.

WhatsApp Tricks
WhatsApp Tricks

10. Hide your original Image with another Image while sending.

In this you can send images to your friends, now  you can send the images by hiding them in another image. When they saw your post, they will see the fake image first, and when they try to click on that image they will see the original image. You need to install Magiapp tricks App on your Android Phones to get this feature and for iPhone install thumb App.

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