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14 Hidden Facebook Features only Few People Knows About it

Here are the 14 Hidden Facebook Feature, that you would love to know about. It will help you know Facebook in more better way. So if you have been using FB every day, then you must be knowing this. If not, then you haven’t used the Facebook much till now. You might even get surprised at some features.

14 Hidden Facebook Features:

Lets Start with the Features without wasting any more time:

Feature No. 1:- The Facebook Inbox

If you look directly to the right of your “Inbox” at the top, you’ll find the “Other” folder. The Other folder is where Facebook sends all the messages from people you are not connected to.

Hidden Facebook Features
Feature 1
Feature 2: Check who from where who is using your Id

First, go to your settings page. Under the Security folder, you’ll see the link “Where You’re Logged In.” Here you will find all your active Facebook log-ins from both desktop or mobile. You also have the ability to “end activity” from individual or all devices.

Hidden Facebook Features
Snooping your Account
Feature 3: Make Facebook Upside Down or in Pirate Speak
Hidden Facebook Feature
Pirate Sneak
Feature 4: Create an Interest list for All the Interest you Have

To access interest lists, scroll down to the “Interests” link in the left column, hover over the header and click on “more.” On the next page, click the “+Add Interests” button and you will have the option to search and follow other publicly available interest lists or create your own.

Hidden Facebook Feature
Interest List
Feature 5: Detail your Romance

Go to www.facebook.com/us, and you will see the complete Facebook history

Hidden Facebook Feature
Detail Your Romance
Feature 6: Send Files Easily Over FB

On the Gear icon in the top right corner of the window. One of the options is “Add Files…”

Hidden Face Feature
Send Files Over FB
Feature 7: Choose Who Controls Your Account After You Croak
Hidden Facebook Feature
Legacy Contract
Feature 8: Add Some Extra Security

Go to Settings > Security > Login Approvals. You’ll be sent a test code to verify your device’s authenticity; and Create some Trusted Contacts

Hidden Facebook Feature
Add Some Security
Feature 9: You Can Embed Public Content
Hidden Facebook Feature
Embed Public Content
Feature 10: There’s Lots of Secret Emoji on FB

(y) = thumbs-up ‘like’ symbol
(^^^) = a great white shark
:|] = a robot
:poop: = well, you know
<(“) = a penguin

Hidden Facebook Feature
Feature 11: Don’t Let Facebook Track Your Mobile Browsing
Hidden Faecbook Feature
Phone Tracking
Feature 12: News Feed
hidden Facebook Feature
News Feed
Feature 13: Save this Link to check later on
Hidden Facebook Feature
Feature 14: Your Friends without you
Hidden Facebook Feature
Your Friends without you

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