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5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage | Phone Battery Backup Solution

Are you frustrated with Mobile Phone Battery Backup Problems? If you are one of the persons who are looking for Tips to increase Phone Battery usage or Android Phone Battery Backup Solutions, you have visited right platform. Check below, how you can increase your Phone’s battery life by using 5 easy tips.

Tired with charging your phone each night? Properly charging your smartphone is important to keep your phone’s battery save, and making certain batter  battery life and enhanced safety within a long time. It is not good to plugging your phone as soon you reached home deed the charger and leave in the morning is not a good thing. There are different advice to know how to charge your phone. We will provide 5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage without downloading any third-party application.

5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage:

Here are the 5 Tips to increase Phone Battery Usage that will help you for sure:

1. Dim the screen brightness

All people love their smartphone’s  with the colourful display, large,  however, it is the battery’s enemy. Over  the other element of your phone, the display to waste battery life at a destructive pace. Most phones consist of an auto-brightness option that naturally adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit close lighting levels.

This mode takes less power than regularly running your screen at full brightness would, of course, however, you will get even higher results by turning your screen’s brightness down to very bottom setting that you simply will tolerate and leaving it there. If you are doing nothing else we advise, follow this tip to increase the battery life.
5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage

 2. Keep The Screen Timeout Short

Under your phone’s display settings menu, seach the option with the name ‘ Screen Timeout’ or something same. Through this setting, you will get to know that for how much time your phone’s screen will stay lit till receiving any action
Every second count here, thus set your timeout to the shortest out there time. On most Android phones, the minimum is fifteen seconds. If your screen timeout is presently set to 2 minutes, think about reducing that figure to 30 seconds or less. On ae iPhone, the minimum you’ll be able to set is one minute.

5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage

3. Turn off Bluetooth

No matter currently, you like to use Bluetooth along with your hands-free receiver, your wireless speaker or activity tracker, the more radio is continually listening for signals from the surface world. Once you are not in your car or once you are not taking part in music wirelessly, shut down the Bluetooth radio. This way, you’ll add an hour or a lot of to your phone’s battery life.

5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage

4. Turn off Wi-Fi

As with Bluetooth, your phone’s Wi-Fi radio may be a serious battery drained.May you have to use your home or office  Wi-Fi connection  instead of 3G or 4G for internet access and different data services, there is a very little purpose in exploit the Wi-Fi radio on once you are out and regarding. Toggle it off after you quit the door, and switch it back on only you propose to use information services inside vary of your Wi-Fi network. , Android users will add the Wi-Fi toggle widgets to their home screen to form this a one-tap method, or swipe down from the highest of the screen
In iOS, it’s easier than ever to toggle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off. Simply swipe up from  the bottom of the screen to display the control Centre.

5. Apps running in Background: Stop

A powerful smartphone feature is Multitasking i.e. the flexibility to run over one app at a time . Moreover it burns lots  of energy, as a result of each app you run uses a share of your phone’s processor cycles .Some apps themselves are significantly heavy on battery life.

“We have detected reports of some individuals experiencing battery problems with our iOS app,” Facebook told TechCrunch. “We’re trying into this and hope to  fix in place soon.”

By killing apps that you simply are not truly using, you’ll be able to drastically scale back your CPU’s work and slow down on its power consumption.

In Android, click the multi-tasking button – typically the rightmost of the 3 icons at the bottom of the screen – and you’ll be able to swipe away apps to close them.

5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage

Here were the 5 Tips to Increase Phone Battery Usage and hope you would have found it useful. Stay tuned to EduMovLive.com for more updates on Education, Movies and much more. We have much to share and you have much to read.

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