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Apple to Launch Apple Pay in China in 2016 | Apple 2016

Apple Pay in China- Want to know more about Apple Latest Plans. Here is what we got for China. So In 2016 Apple has made some plans about Apple Pay  in China, check the information about Apple Pay. Apple pay was launched in the United States in October last year, now it is bringing this payment service to China, which is the world’s largest market for smartphones. The sale’s of Apple product  nearly doubled in  China in its fiscal fourth quarter from a year earlier.

Apple Pay in China

Apple Pay in China:

Apple is going to launch Apple Pay i.e. Apple’s mobile wallet payment system in China in next year February 2016. Apple Pay will enable the users to make payments through using their Apple Watch and newer iPhones. Apple Pay can be complete with Alipay, the online payment platform which is run by Alibaba Holding Group Ltd affiliate Ant Financial, and Union Pay Co, a state-controlled consortium that has a monopoly on all yuan payment cards issued and used in the country.


Apple Pay in USA.:

Apple Pay has been started with launching within the United States in October 2014. It has since launched within the UK, Canada and Australia. A move to China would be given the potential market — smartphones are an enormous deal within Asian country — although the govt. may still cause issues for the would-be payment system. It is  not clear what  amount Apple would charge for purchases created through Apple Pay in China. The corporate gets 0.15% of all master card transactions and 0.5 % per debit payment in the United States.


Apple has currently reportedly effected with four major state-run banks in China per the WSJ. This partnership can change prospective Chinese users of Apple Pay to attach the mobile payment service with their bank accounts. China is also becoming increasingly important for Apple. We believe the launch of Apple Pay in China will more strengthen the company’s foothold within the region, significantly strengthening its scheme additionally as boosting demand for different Apple product.
Apple Pay in China
Apple’s mobile wallet payment system recently launched Apple Pay in Canada and is also going to be launched in  the Australian market this year. Further more, in 2016, the users in Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong are expected to come on board as well.
We are hoping to see Apple Pay in India as well. And it will be really important to see how Apple Pay in China works.

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