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Bluestack App Hits 1 Billion User Per Month- Launches New Mobile Platforms

BlueStacks started in 2009 by the  chief technology officer at McAfee. The company launched the Bluestack App Play Store, an Android competition on the PC, in 2011. With the help of advertisement and Bluestack App purchases, it makes money by on its publishing platform.An analyst and president of Creative Strategies Tim Bajarin said that “I’ve watched this company come up as Android has come up over the years. BlueStacks also launched its game apps which people play Android games on a TV, in 2012. Now Sharma said that now this technology is giving better performance.

Bluestack App Hits 1 Million App User-

BlueStacks product manager Shashi Kant Sharma said that “When the mobile apps represented with their crumbly way, it performs superbly on PC and TV. Generally a Bluestacks App user spends 89 minutes playing on their first day. Moreover when someone find apps on PC and TV. It’s accelerated our growth and retention massively over the past year. The average Bluestacks user spends 89 minutes playing on their first day. In addition, once someone discovers apps on PC or TV, they contribute to use them with all their devices, giving the BlueStacks platform powerful reach for developers.”


Mobile company BlueStacks today announced hitting multiple major milestones. Now they count 109 million downloads on the platform with 1 billion apps per month. The platform now counts 109 million downloads, with people consuming over one billion apps per month. To become the 7th largest in the world  Android user recently beat both Xiaomi and Sony and quickly it reach on Samsung, Huawei and others.

Bluestack App

An Analyst and President of Creative Strategies said, “we watched this company come up as Android has come up over the years”. Many devoted PC gamers want to play mid-core mobile games so they are using the Bluestacks for play the games. All game users spend a lot of money by using Bluestacks which attracted a lot of app developers to the BlueStacks platform. In a day, BlueStacks App is adding 220,000 new users more than double in a year. The company’s website recently rank 8 million unique visitors a month.

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Now the company is going to be launching BlueStacks 2 which is a mobile-gaming platform that spans mobile, PC, and TV. It adds more features for gameplay and app discovery. In this platform, it has a new browser when anyone Clicks on Ad so the user can open a new tab where they can view the ad later without any interruption. It can run more than one apps in different tabs. Users can messages and games simultaneously.

Bluestack App

Now BlueStacks has 105 employees and $30 million in funding from various investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

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