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Fun with the Emoji Keyboard- Introduction of New Smiley Board

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Emoji’s are those smiley which you use to send to your friends on Facebook, then introduced in other applications as well. But using Smiley’s or Emoji was difficult as you have to know which alphabet will create a particular smiley. But with the time new evolution has come. Stop looking for new gadgets for the perfect emoticon to communicate; get new Funny Emojis Keyboard for fun. So Let’s have a look at this amazing and funny keyboard by EmojiWorks.

Emoji Keyboard Features:

Emoji Keyboard is an app which is  designed for GO Keyboard for the users to as large collection of  smiley faces, emoticons. All emojis are cute and  have a huge collection to fully express your emotions. This emojis can be find in many messaging apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, SMS. There are different categories for all emotion symbols which helps users to easily find that they looking for.

Emojis Keyboard is a  wireless keyboard which is developed by Austin-based EmojiWorks in 2015, for  an enthusiastic teenager enhanced with colorful stickers. These “stickers” are known as emoji.

Emojis Keyboard  is available in three versions, i.e. with Apple devices (and Windows 10 in beta), ensuring that poop, unicorn, and taco characters are only a tap away.


emEmoji works is an  Austin-based company which developed physical emoji keyboard for the users to communicate faster through emoji. It is very easier to use Emoji works keyboard as simply press the emoji key—which works like a “Shift” key  and press the icons instead of words.

EmojiWorks has developed probably the first portable emoji keyboard with built-in emoji shortcuts. In the keyboard, each key represent 2 or 3 different emoji sign. So people can use these keys into their messages.

The word “Emoji” is the combination of two Japanese words i.e. picture (e) and character (emoji) is used for to  conveying the message with emotions in digital correspondence. There are  winking smiley face which indicate your feeling or many more as a simple thumbs up etc.

Here is a short video on the EmojiWorks Keyboard:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvm3B6kXPK0]

EmojiWorks has been developed  to work with OS X, iOS and Widows 10. In windows 10 all emojis are not supportable.There are three models available:

Amongst the 3 the first which comes with $79.95 that  contains 47 common emoji features, the second is  Plus model with doubles the emoji plus features skin tone modifiers for $89.95  and third is Pro keyboard for $99.95 with an additional 120 emoji.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]emoji+keyboard+top

Emoji Keyboard $49.95

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]emoji+keyboard+plus+top

Emoji Keyboard Plus $74.95

[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]emoji+keyboard+pro+top

Emoji Keyboard Pro $99.95


Emojis that are attached to their own keyboard app & standalone emoji app that works with any keyboard. So here was an information about the Emoji Keyboard. We will be back soon with another amazing gadget that will surely change the way you style yourself.

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