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Google-NASA Quantum Computer Are 100 Million Faster Than Your PC

Google and NASA are working for two years on the D-Wave X2 D-Wave has, until now, never been established to figure using quantum tools Google says it will solve a hundred million times quicker than traditional computers. According to MIT Technology Review reports, At NASA’s Ames Research Center in an event Google and NASA announced that the D-Wave quantum computers are 100 million times faster than a conventional single-core computer which were bought in 2013. Here is a report about the Google-NASA Quantum Computer.

Google-NASA Quantum Computer Reports:

Where conventional computing differentiates bits of information into 0s and 1s, quantum computing lets those bits of information exist as a 0 and a 1  at the same time. This timing lets users calculate several information solutions quickly, and will increase speed whereas decreasing needed energy over a conventional computer

Google-NASA Quantum computer

Google-NASA Quantum computer is signed to handle complicated improvement issues, that are issues designed to seek out the most effective answer from all potential solutions. To prove the prowess of the D-Wave quantum computer, Google and  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) devised a complex optimization drawback to A/B-tested between the D-Wave and a single-core computer operating using an algorithm program that simulates a quantum computer, referred to as simulated annealing

Google-NASA Quantum computer

Google and NASA also compared the D-Wave X2’s quantum tempering against Quantum Monte Carlo, an algorithmic program that emulates quantum tunneling on a standard PC. Again, a speed-up of up to 108 was seen in some cases. Hartmut Neven, the top of Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab sais these results are “intriguing and extremely encouraging” however that there is still “more work ahead to show quantum increased optimization into a sensible technology.”

Google-NASA Quantum computer

As always, it is important to notice that D-Wave’s computers don’t seem to be capable of universal computing: they are only helpful for a little variety of  specific tasks—and Google, NASA, and other presently making an attempt to figure out what those tasks could be. D-Wave’s claim of “over 1,000 qubits” is additionally unclear. within the past, many physical qubits were clustered to create procedure qubit, and D-Wave doesn’t build that distinction clear.

We will publish an additional, in-depth report concerning Google and NASA’s latest findings within the next few weeks

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