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Laptop Hangs!! How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

Laptop working slow or got hanged  without any reason, it is  too much irritating? Don’t think that because it is working slow and you are  working on it from a long time and now the time is to replace it with the new one. There are many things you can do with your system to run again faster such as start-up programs or defragmenting the hard disk etc. Now we are  giving some solutions to make your lappy make faster and working smoothly.

1. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

 If there are so many programs running in the background it makes slow to your system. To see the list of installed program in your lappy, now click on the start menu. Now type “Add or Remove Programs” in the search bar and press enter. Now you will see the list of programs on your screen. In the list of programs see the program that is installed but not in use, select that program and click ” Uninstalled”.  This will increase the speed of your PC.
How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

2. Disk Defragmentation

Fragmentation is those sectors of your disk drive or any other storage device that become unallocated or hide from usage simply because of some storage files and size. Whenever we tend to store some files of the huge number  in any drive and when deletion some quantity of memory are not become accessible for usage. Thus, we have to use Defragmentation tools to recover the storage space.

Open “My Computer” >> Right click on any drive >> Properties >> Tools >> Then choose Defragment now.

How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

3. Install Anti-virus

Antivirus also necessary for the speed of your Pc or laptop. Antivirus also gives protection to your PC from  many unwanted files and harmful viruses. Whenever we exchange data from any other devices such as USB or Cd’s or download  data from some place. So it  infects your system with harmful viruses. So to keep protect your PC from all  these threats you need to install complete Anti-virus which provides the best protection shield.
How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster


Another inbuilt window tool for checking and fixing bad sectors with an error in drives. This feature scan and fixed all error from depth which occurs within hard drive space. So by checking and fixing them with  over all the storage space from unwanted error.
How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

5. Disk Cleanup and Remove Temporary Files

  This  windows Tool is same as Defragmentation. which helps to remove all unwanted and unnecessary temporary hidden files that are not in use. It also deletes files of recycle bin automatically. So you can use this feature by using these steps

  • Start >> My Computer >> Right click on any Local drive >> General  >> Disk cleanup.
  • Now remove the listed files then close it. Follow the same method for all drives.

How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

Remove Temporary Files:- To remove all temporary files follow these steps
  • Go To “Start” Button >> Then  in search option type “Run” >> In run box type.
  • type “%temp%” and press enter and the new window will open with temp files select all files and delete them.
  • Then type “temp” in the run box and press enter and remove all files delete them now all temporary files are deleted.

How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

6. Keep big files off the desktop: Sometimes people download many things from the internet and save it on the desktop of PC. so the desktop looks too messy, so if there are any unnecessary files on it then keep it in any separate folder.  This keeps your laptop from having to stay track of them whenever it’s turned on.

7. Stop Unwanted Programs

Whenever you start your PC or laptop several computer programs run in a real time and their interface takes some memory that results is slow  down your PC. Thus, any unwanted software that is not in  use often. So it is batter to stop them manually. To disable the software follow these steps.

  • Click on begin button >> Then search  “Run” >> Then type “msconfig”
  • Then in system configuration window can seem so visit “Startup” tab.
  • Now uncheck all the software application that you don’t need to run whenever after you start your device this may reduce load and create performance far better.

8. Check your computer for spyware. This is also one kind of software which runs at in the background and see your usage, sending information back to companies without your approval.

How to Make Your Laptop Speed More Faster

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