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Netflix Launches in India| Start Streaming the Latest Foreign Videos

Netflix Launches in India- The people in India who are waiting for Netflix, the wait is over for them as Netflix is coming to India. The   services of Netflix launches in India in earlier weeks. Netflix is an  Internet streaming media  which is available to the viewers of  North and South America, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and other areas of Europe. Since from October 2015, there are 69 million subscribers  of Netflix in worldwide. So here it is What is Netflix? How to access Netflix?

Netflix Launches In India: New Era of Streaming

Netflix carries many TV sitcoms and movies. The Web streaming service takes the contracts to stream the content online from the various TV networks and movie picture firms.

In 2011, Netflix started getting original content, like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black  and additionally some movies. Tn India people use a third pool tool to access the Netflix. The website takes the charges for its services, in U. S it charge $8.99 (about ₹600) a month for watching HD movie or shows on the screen at the same time. But in India, it charges lesser as compared to U.S. For the new members of US, Canada, and Latin America, Netflix  raised the subscription rate for new members earlier this month by $1.00 a month to $9.99.

Netflix launches in India

In Hindu Business Line Report, ” To enter the India, Netflix may partnership with a telecom firm of India to take an advantage of 4 G network which will help to watch high-quality video streaming on a mobile at any place”.

The chief content officer Ted Sarandos said, “Netflix INC is specialized in creating their own content next year and the number of original shows to 31 from 16 in double quantity”. Netflix, has  competition from streaming services like Amazon.com Inc’s Prime Video service and Hulu, has been sharply building its overseas presence.

Netflix launches in India

The company also declared that soon it was in the “early stages” of its China entry and said it was “still learning a lot”.  Netflix said the plans to enter China in 2016 could be delayed in July. Very Soon it will be made available for everyone.

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