Home Technology Phone-Controlled Range Rover Helps You Get Out Of A Traffic Jam

Phone-Controlled Range Rover Helps You Get Out Of A Traffic Jam

Every dreamed about controlling your Car from your Phone! If yes then this is your Car. Range Rover has been modified to Phone-Controlled Range Rover. It will help you get out of a Jam.

Phone Controlled Range Rover
Phone Controlled Range Rover

Never mind those dreams of using a handheld device to steer your car from the back seat, James Bond-style — the real purpose of remote control may be to get your vehicle past a muddy trench. Land Rover Jaguar is developing smartphone control technology that lets you pilot a car (in this case, a Range Rover Sport). If you are outside, at very low speeds, it will help you get past difficult terrain or tricky parking spots. You have to operate everything manually at the moment, but the hope is that this will eventually bring a level of push-button autonomy where you simply tap a button to get around some rocks or back out of your garage. Just check this video of Phone Controlled Range Rover.

Range Rover Sport test model that can autonomously perform a 180-degree turn by using sensors to detect available space. There’s plans for a “solo” model that could handle any situation by itself. Jaguar Land Rover isn’t fond of vehicles that are solely autonomous (that would “take away the fun of driving”), but the hope is that your future ride will let you engage a self-driving mode whenever a hands-on approach would be too much of a hassle. In that sense, phone-based commands are an important early step — you aren’t obliged to keep your hands on the steering wheel the entire time.

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