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Reliance Launches Cheapest 4G Smartphone to go with JIO’s Lowest Data Rates!

On 1st September 2016, Reliance launches its cheapest 4G smartphone to go with Jio’s low data rates. The event took place at Birla Matushri Sabhagar, Mumbai. Mr.Mukesh Ambani the chairman & managing director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), remarked this launch of Reliance JIO sim & Reliance JIO 4G smartphone as his significant addition to PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India speculation. RIL has provided with the cheapest tariff plans across the globe but it is only valid for Reliance JIO 4G smartphone users for now. Soon it is expected that the company will make the Reliance JIO sim compatible for other devices like iPhone, android & windows.

Reliance launches cheapest 4G smartphone to go with Jio's lowest data rates!

Reliance JIO 4G Smartphone and Sim:

Along with every Reliance JIO 4G smartphone, Reliance JIO sim is given by the company as a freebie for its buyers provided with access given for 90 days of free unlimited data & voice services. Once you’ve crossed your free usage the tariff cost will be Rs. 25/Gb. According to gadget freaks present at the event, 97 percent of 80 MB game could be downloaded under one minute which is the best speed ever experienced by Indians.

Now, how to get Reliance JIO 4G sim? Well for this currently company has provided its tariff plans only for Reliance JIO 4G smartphone users. The price range of Reliance JIO 4G smartphones start from Rs. 2,999. The Flame series Flame 3, Flame 4 & Flame 5 is ranged around Rs. 2,999 whereas Reliance Flame 6 is ranged at Rs. 3,999, Flame 8 at Rs. 4,199 & LYF Wind 3 at Rs. 6,999. Mukesh Ambani considers data to be the oxygen of daily life so he brought the tariff plans which are easy on the pocketbook.

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Once you know that how to get Reliance JIO 4G sim, you must also be aware that the free data is usable only for this year. From September 5, 2016 every Reliance JIO sim holder will get access to the free data till end of this year. Free tariff plans and voice call services are provided by RIL. Tariff plans are designed on the basis of three things, first is customers are not required to pay on both services whether voice or data, secondly rate costs to nothing for the tariff plans and third in complex tariff plans which are easily understood by the customers. The Reliance JIO sim tariff plans starts at Rs. 149 monthly & the users are not required to pay for text messages, voice calls & not even roaming.  

ambani JIO 4G smartphone

RIL is not imputing any roaming charges on its users. The company is all set to start it services by Monday, September 5. The entry of Reliance Jio can certainly accelerate knowledge adoption in India with invitingly cheap knowledge tariffs paired with low-cost 4G handsets. Another privilege provided to its customers is that those who buy Jio smartphones now will also get free access to all the applications in app store till December 2017. By the mid of year 2017 Mukesh Ambani has declared to get over 1 million public wifi hotspots all over India by Jio.  

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