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Security Apps that will Keep Your Phone Safe from Threat: 10 Best Apps

Securing your PC’s and phones from any virus and hackers is the first priority, So keep your personal data safe. If we glance at the statistics, the number of smartphone users is predicted to succeed in the 2.5 billion mark worldwide.  We can take some action to reduce the possibilities of stolen smartphone. You can install some security app in your mobile phone.

The app can be available  free or paid or trial version, it’s worth paying that small fee in order to give your smartphone and the details. We are providing some Security Apps for protecting your smartphone from virus and hackers.

10 Security Apps to SafeGaurd your Mobile Phones:

Using SmartPhone is a plus point, but keeping it safe is your duty. Everyone keeps their personal data, some files in the phone that are really important and secret. So if you want to safeguard your mobile phones. You must download any of the Security Apps given below.

1. Avast! Mobile Security

In a reality, the free app for the Android Phone i.e. Avast Mobile Security is one of the 10 Security Apps which is providing a powerful range of tools. it is an antivirus protection, it scans the apps of your phone to give details about what they are doing and it’s web  protection  that scans URLs for malware. The app is based on an old app known as Theft Aware which Avast acquired. The feature of anti-theft is hidden and permits you to remote control your smartphone using SMS. So if you lost your phone you can remotely locate it and lock it. Avast promoting Director, Milos Korenko, has assured U.S. that “There can be a paid version within the future however that won’t have an effect on the free version. It will  still be accessible and loaded with options.”

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2. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

This is the latest entry in the essential Security Apps which is totally free and it provides time period scanning of apps to find malware and probably  dodgy apps attempting to send texts or build premium rate calls.
The free version additionally includes a collection of anti-theft tools. you’ll remotely find and lock your smartphone or pill, and you’ll forestall anyone from uninstalling apps by using password protection.
If you wish remote wipe or SIM guard capabilities then you have got to spring for the premium version at $20 each year, however, it also delivers anti-phishing protection, an app audit feature, device observance for unwarranted use of data, and advanced decision block.

Security Apps

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3. Avira Antivirus Security

You can trust the free version of Avira which is fully secure and detecting rate to keep your Android smartphone safe. It is light in performance, sleek and fits with the Android platform. Avira allows you to scan apps and updates it automatically. There’s also the same anti-theft tools, to help you find your device lock it, wipe it and trigger an alarm. There is a premium version that adds anti-phishing, moreover regular updates, and higher support, however, the free version covers enough bases for many folks.

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4. AVL for Android

Some of you are in all simply searching for malware protection that’s as bare bones as possible If you don’t need anti-theft tools or identity protection, or any their probably superfluous options that are available several security apps then AVL can suit you. AV-Test was found good with no bad impact on speed or battery life. AVL can scan different types of file formats beyond APKs and it’s designed to be quick and efficient.

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 Security Apps

5. BullGuard Mobile Security

A trial version of BullGuard Mobile Security app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It gives complete internet protection to your android phone. It gives security from viruses and gives you a live update of the data stored on the cloud. It also has the feature of anti-theft that can lock your phone if  someone tries to change the SIM in case your phone is lost or stolen. Other benefits of BullGuard Mobile Security is  that you can scan your device and removes any malware that might harm your data. This can be downloaded free from google play for  two weeks.

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6. Prey Anti-Theft

The features of Prey Anti-Theft include that it is an anti-theft system that is double as a universal remote controller for all your devices. By using this app, you can find  your phone through Wi-Fi and GPS, pinpointing its geological location. It also permits you to  display alert messages, lock your phone and trigger the alarm when your phone is on silent. There is one more feature of prey anti-theft that you can protect 3 devices from a single account. This app can not be download free from google play store.

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7. Glympse

Glympse also used for the personal safety of your phone. This app is available on Google Play Store and can free download. This  app helps you to track your phone or let others know where you are by simply sharing your GPS location It also allows the user  to know your time duration to  connect you with your friends and family when you travel alone. This is easier to use you does not require to sign up or log in to a social network account and only shares your location.

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8. Webroot SecureWeb

Webroot SecureWeb app is obtainable in several versions – free, trial & paid for the android device.It  contains the features of  internet security, anti-virus and protects your sensitive data. Other features also include an extremely effective malware and spyware protection  to protect your phone.

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9. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

Security Apps

Kaspersky Mobile gives features such as  anti-theft, anti-virus, privacy protection, anti-spam, data encryption, parental controls, and firewall protection. It also has the feature of phone tracking to shows your device on a Google map and provides coordinates.

The other unique feature of  Kaspersky Mobile is that the ability to wipe your device clean when the SIM card has been replaced. The Private mode feature helps to hide incoming calls and SMS messages manually, automatically, or remotely. So if someone stole your phone and  trying to hack your phone details so they can not access the data of your phone

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10. F-Secure Mobile Security

Security Apps

If you  are using an Android or Windows mobile device, you should try F-Secure for your device protection. It includes the basic features such as protection against viruses and malware, parental controls, location tracking, safe browsing, identity protection,  and call/SMS blocking. The trial period is free for 30 days after that it will charge $3.50/month or $39.50/year

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